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Obi Ezeude CEO Beloxxi Industries Ltd Nigeria Speaks On Biscuit Industry

Obi Ezeude is president/chief executive officer, Beloxxi Industries Limited located in Agbara Estate, Ogun State . Beloxxi, a biscuit and sweet manufacturing company, was commissioned last week by President Goodluck Jonathan. Obi Ezeude, who studied Banking and Finance, started business in 1994 as a trader and walked into manufacturing in 2003, less than nine years after trading. He spoke to SIAKA MOMOH, BusinessDay’s Industry Editor about his business.
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Importation of cream cracker Ezeude, whom this writer met a day before his ultra-modern biscuit and sweet factory was commissioned by President Goodluck Jonathan Thursday last week, was one of the largest importers of cream cracker in Nigeria, importing about 600 containers every year from Malaysia by the year 2000. Armed with this robust import business portfolio, he entered into discussion with his Malaysian suppliers to join him to set up shop in Nigeria but they backed out. Said he: “They told me one million reasons why they would not produce in Nigeria . And I decided to prove to them that manufacturing was not nuclear science.” The two parties kept on talking about it until March 3, 2003 when former President Olusegun Obasanjo banned importation of biscuit into Nigeria . And when Ezeude called them, they were shocked. They discussed smuggling with him, but he told them he wouldn’t do such thing. 

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Canadian George Weston Ltd to Acquire Keystone Bakery In USA

Toronto-based food distributor George Weston Ltd. said Monday its Maplehurst Bakeries LLC unit agreed to acquire Keystone Bakery, a U.S. maker of frozen deserts, for $185 million.
George Weston Chairman W. Galen Weston said the deal will help the company expand in the North American sweet baked goods sector.
Keystone Bakery includes Freed's Bakery in Manchester, N.H., which makes frozen iced cupcakes; Granny's Kitchens in Frankfort, N.Y., which makes pre-fried and thaw-and-sell doughnuts; and Heartland Baking of DuQuoin, Ill., which makes thaw-and-serve cookies.

George Weston's Weston Foods segment offers products for the North American baking industry while its
 Loblaw segment is a Canadian food distributor. Grupo Bimbo had already  bought  George Weston US operations in  year 2008 .


Unilever To Procure Paper And Board Packaging From Sustainable Managed Forest

Paper and Board Packaging makes most of the secondary packaging in food  and bakery industry . Raw pulp   which is used as raw material for all paper products are sourced from  trees  thus  contributing to deforestation and in turn  impacting climate change . Addressing this concern Unilever has taken a bold initiative to source all its paper products from  sustainable managed forest or recycled  material. Hope all other major food  manufacturers  would  follow  example of Unilever in protecting environment through  sustainable  sourcing .

Unilever Policy towards sustainable paper and board sourcing

Press release .
The policy outlines the company’s ambitious goal to work with its suppliers to source 75 per cent of its paper and board packaging from sustainably managed forests or from recycled material by 2015, rising to 100 per cent by 2020.
The commitment makes Unilever the first global FMCG company to commit to sourcing all of its paper and board packaging from sustainably managed forests or recycled material within a clearly defined timeframe.
For the company’s requirements for paper from virgin sources, preference will be given to supplies delivered through the Forest Stewardship Council certification scheme. Unilever will also accept other national schemes under the framework of international Forest Management Certification standards, provided they comply with the Policy’s Implementation Guidelines.
The move means the logos of the acceptable forest management certification schemes will begin to appear on the packaging of Unilever’s portfolio of brands as progress is made towards reaching the target, and in order to increase consumer awareness and promote the expansion of certified forests in the world.
Marc Engel, Unilever’s Chief Procurement Officer, said: “As a leading consumer goods company, we buy considerable quantities of paper and board for packaging to ensure our products are protected and transported safely. As such it is important that we promote sustainable forestry practices and help combat deforestation and climate change through the responsible sourcing of these materials.
We are committed to working in partnership with all of our suppliers to progressively increase the proportion of paper and board packaging which comes from recycled materials, or sustainably managed forests, in order to achieve this ambitious target.


Egg Recalls By Iowa Firms

Food safety impacts  us all  and here is another example  of  Salmonella infected egg  being recalled in massive  scale.

20Aug 2010
More than 1,000 people have reportedly become ill from eggs contaminated with salmonella. On Friday, August 20, Hillandale Farms in Iowa said it was recalling over 170 million eggs.
The recall by Hillandale Farms is for any eggs that were distributed as Hillandale Farms, Sunny Farms, Sunny Meadow, Wholesome Foods and West Creek, from April, 2010 to August, 2010.
The recall of eggs involves 13 brand names sent to grocery distribution centers, food service companies and wholesalers in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.
Watch for egg cartons holding six, 12 and 18 eggs,with batch numbers 1026, 1413 and 1946, and that have date codes going from 136 to 225.

Earlier on August 13, Wright County Egg voluntarily conducted a nationwide recall of shell eggs on 3 of its 5 farms. Further epidemiologic and traceback information led to Wright County Egg expanding its recall on August 18 to cover all 5 farms and 380 million eggs.

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Conveyor Belts In Bakeries

Conveyor belts  are mounted on various types of conveyor  to  perform transportation of  wet dough to finished goods to various places.

Factors  which are kept in mind while selecting conveyors belts  are 

conveyor belts , pu belts , pvc belts , cotton belts Hygiene

Bakeries  being food factory  require hygienic condition in material handling as they come into contact with food stuff . PU are considered to more hygienic then cotton conveyor belts


PU being hygienic  is costlier than  cotton conveyors  . Cotton conveyors are  low cost substitute of Pu conveyor belts  but has disadvantage of being  unhygienic if not monitored and changed regularly  . Small bakery with low budget  unit generally use cotton conveyors . Cotton conveyors are popular  among bakery plant across developing countries .

Kind of product to carry
Surface of belts are selected  by product type such as dry , wet or oily 

Load on the conveyor belt
Thickness of belts  are  decided on load factor ie what is the load on the conveyor

Angle  of  transfer
Conveyors of higher friction coefficient  are used when conveyors have angles


Conveyor material for selected with factors like product temperature  . Metallic conveyor belt are more suitable for higher temperature s.


Conveyor belts  should be easy  to install and dismantle as well as easy to clean or  repair .

Types of conveyor belt in bakeries

Cotton conveyor belt

Cotton n Nylon Mix  belt

Felt s

PU conveyor belt

PVC  conveyor belt

Metallic slat conveyor

Wire mesh and steel bands

Download report on various application  and types of  conveyor belt used in bakery industry

Swiss Major Food Co Aryzta Buys Canadian Maidstone Bakeries

 Aryzta  Swiss Major food company  is  strengthen its position in North America through  acquisition route . It has already bought three bakeries in this region

 Swiss food group Aryzta have announced the full purchase of Canadian bakery firm Maidstone Bakeries.

Maidstone had been previously been a 50-50 partnership between Aryzta and Tim Hortons Inc, and will continue to supply the Tim Hortons network until at least 2016.
The deal, worth US $454 million, is Aryzta’s third North American buy-out since early June, when it paid a combined $1.08 billion for Fresh Start Bakeries and Great Kitchens.
The Swiss company also confirmed its U.S. subsidiary was completing investments worth $48 million for bakeries in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia - and was building a new bakery in Brazil.
"These investments significantly enhance our bakery capability in North America, as well as in Latin America and Asia," said Owen Killian, Aryzta's Chief

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Parle Topples Britannia To Be No - 1 Biscuit Company

 News Report

Britannia New Ad Campaign For Tiger Biscuit

Ab  India Banega  Tiger
Ad agency - Lowe Lintas , India

Top 10 startegies to save cost in sourcing for bakeries

Report published  by  highlights  top  strategies to save cost of sourcing for food industry  which are also applicable to bakery industry .

Here are the major  strategies

  1. Seek Low risk Low investment  solutions
  2. Keep your options open 
  3. Consider Near Sourcing
  4. Diversify  Your Portfolio
  5. Don't go it  Alone
  6. Stay Close to the Source
  7. Go  Direct 
  8. Allow  Vendors / Suppliers to  take advantage of your  credit  rating
  9. Change how you transact 
  10. Conduct Paper Assesment
Read  details  for above  strategies in  pdf

Cost Saving Strategies for food Industry

United Biscuits Strategies Spelt Out By Jayant Kapare

In an interview with ET  Mr Jayant Kapare- President  Indian Operations of United Biscuits  spelt out  strategies  by which United Biscuit  would garner  foot hold in Indian Rs 6000/-crore   biscuit market . United Biscuits have entered biscuit market last year through acquisition  of   manufacturing unit in himachal pradesh and has launched Mcvities brand of biscuits .UB claims to have reached 100 towns in India in span of  two months . United biscuits is one of world major biscuit manufacturers based at UK .UB is followed by Kraft  Foods Inc to capture Indian biscuit market .

Here are excerpts  from the interview

What took United Biscuits so long to enter India?

Kapre : United Biscuits has several international market priorities. India was obviously a key gap in our market presence, and as soon as we addressed our other priorities, we set up a project team to prepare our entry strategy. I believe that this is an opportune time to enter India, given the disposition consumers now have for quality products and the power of this market that’s becoming clear to all. We may have taken our time entering, but will now drive our agenda hard in India.

You have entered a category dominated by Parle and Britannia. Then there are others like ITC’s Sunfeast, Priyagold and Cremica. Kraft too is scouting the market. What’s going to be your strategy to get market share and consumers?

Kapre : There are three truths about this market — it is very large, has robust underlying growth and consumers are constantly upgrading their product basket. We will offer better products with better ingredients, stay on top of the innovation curve and offer all this at relevant value. Gaining a foothold in a short period in this category is not easy, but we have done it, though there’s still much to do. Everyone in the organisation is on a high learning curve. We now have a pan-India presence in more than 100 towns, which we achieved in two months of operations. We can step up distribution whenever we need to. My current priority is to ensure that channel partners are pleased with the business. We have also had good experience with our modern trade partners. 

find complete interview on

Vinita Bali  On  Britannia's Strategies  

Danisco To Launch New Anti- Staling Enzymes

Danisco  one of the world  leading  baking ingredient manufacturer  has developed  cost effective  anti staling enzymes which would help keeping bread and other baked products  for longer period .

A report

Danisco will launch PowerFresh Bread and PowerFresh Special with G+ technology at the International Baking Industry Exposition Sept. 26-29 in Las Vegas. The two new products will provide tailored solutions for specific bread applications, including regional specialties such as ovals, panettone and brioche. They will join Danisco’s PowerFresh Bun with G4 enzyme for buns and rolls. “We believe the two new PowerFresh products With G+ technology is the biggest news in anti-staling enzymes for a very long time — and a cost-effective alternative to the current market standard,” said James Laughton, vice-president at Danisco Food Enzymes.
Mr. Laughton added tests completed by 21st Sensory Inc. in June showed bread with PowerFresh was fresher after 10 days and had the resilience to stay in shape when stacked on supermarket shelves. 21st Sensory provides descriptive analysis, sensory testing consumer research. An independent consumer panel showed a preference for bread made with PowerFresh and noted only small changes in quality after 4 to 10 days of storage.
“We have high expectations that our new products will make a significant impact, particularly in the U.S., which has a 70% share of the world market for bakery anti-staling enzymes,” Mr. Laughton said.

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Britannia To Enter Saudi Arabia Bakery Market

Indian major bakery manufacturer Britannia Industries Ltd managing director Ms Vinita Bali has confirmed about its intention to enter Saudi Arabia  market

Having established itself in this region through  acquisition of two plants   Strategic Food International llc , Dubai ,UAE   and Al Sallan Food Industries Co ,Sohar ,Oman .It was next logical step  from Britannia to enter Saudi Arabia market . It has invested heavily in brand positioning and promotion  in gulf region with brand named "Nutro" . Nutro  biscuits  and Nutro  Wafers have  a significant  presence in this region .Apart from gulf countries  Britannia exports  its  products to 70  countries.

Saudi Arabia  is the largest market in this area with locals and  Indian expats making sizable portion of  the population . Around 1.8 million expat Indian  population in Saudi Arabia. Brand  recognition  and loyalty  is always there  for Britannia  and hence steps are being taken by company to encash it .Britannia pricing would be competitive for consumer to entice them to buy its product .

Competition on home turf  and  pressures on price  had made Britannia  to search  for  newer market .
Nutro products with brands  from India  would be launched in Saudi market .

Britannia competitors in Saudi market would be  Krafts Nabisco , Deemah ,  Tiffany , United Biscuits and Ulker  .

Greggs Why Its So Popular In UK

When  bakeries across the globe are facing  problems  for which few have closed their shop  few of them have sold their business .gone for reducing numbers and staff  Greggs bakery chain have return profits  after profit . Greggs performance under these circumstances have been remarkable .

greggs , uk bakery retail chain , greggs bakery retail chain , greggs bakery chain
Greggs bakery boast  to have more  retail stores than McDonald's in UK  . It has around 1400 outlet in UK and are planning to add 600  more , that  is  enough proof of their confidence .

What strikes about their bakery business is  the best of practices followed in  corporate cultures  for example  let it be in the field of

Customer service
Product innovation
Localised flavours
Supply chain management
Employee satisfaction
Senior Management

Community  care
Social Responsibility

An article  to explain  this all
While many retailers have suffered in the economic downturn, pre-tax profits at Greggs, announced yesterday, have risen by 12.3% for the first half of the year, to £18.6m, although the rise in wheat prices may make the next half of the year more challenging. But the company has, in its quiet way, become a bit of a British institution. It serves 5 million customers a week, sells nearly 140m sausage rolls a year and has shifted a huge 4.5m breakfast rolls since launching the range in February.
"There are several reasons why Greggs has done so well," says Malcolm Pinkerton, senior analyst with retail research company Verdict. "They have shifted to fresh food and their prices are low. They focus heavily on lunchtime 'meal deals' [a sandwich, drink and packet of crisps for £2.99, 2m of which have been sold in the first half of the year], and getting morning trade. Promoting freshly baked bread and handmade sandwiches means their quality perception is on the rise." It attracts a wide range of people, "from professionals on a budget who might be switching down from Pret a Manger or EAT", says Pinkerton, to manual workers getting a morning "mansnack" – as steak bakes and its like are known – to older people and young families. Pinkerton says that among its core customer base, "people feel affection for the brand. Their sausage rolls are famous, for example."


Unibic India To Setup New Manufacturing Unit In North India

Unibic India  has gradually  taken lead in branded cookies segment  which employs wire cut technology . Unibic had recently launched   successfull  promos for its  cookies in major cities  where it has offered 4 in 1 pack on discount . Unibic India  is 100% subsidiary  of Unibic  Australia  the manufacturer of world renowned  ANZAC  brand of cookies .Indian operations  produces  14 variant of cookies  at present which includes wire cut cookies with oatmeal & wheat bran base, chocolate chips, cashews & almond encrusted, centre filled cookie with a chocolate paste filling, jam topped, honey & oatmeal based cookies.

As reported by fnbnews   Mr Nikhil Sen  Managing Director  Unibic has confirmed  investment planned for new manufacturing  base in Northern region in India  . Investment in tune of Rs 25.0  crore  would be put in for the second manufacturing plant . At present  Unibic has its manufacturing base in Bangalore . Mr Nikhil Sen  had served  Britannia  as COO earlier.

With increased  purchasing power in hand ,Indian consumers are now shifting preference to Cookies from biscuit s. Annual growth of biscuit segment lies between 11-15%  where as for cookies segment it has been 35%  Unibic has reported 50% growth in volumes .

It has also joined the health food segment  by launching Oatmeal  Cookies .

Early this month, the company went on to launch a chocolate cookie. The new product is filled with a smooth and velvety chocolate center. The product is available at all leading supermarkets in 150gram pack priced at Rs 50, 90gm pack for Rs 25 and 15gram for Rs 5.

Competitions comes from  Britannia  Good Day and ChocoNuts  ,  Parles 20-20 and Hide and seek , ITC  Sunfeast .Local  bakeries  have significant  presence in this segment .

Russian Ban On Export Of Wheat Fuels Price Rise For Bakery Products

Countries which  are  reported to be dependent or  are bulk importer for wheat might see steep rise in the prices for bakery products  out of which  prices for bread  which is staple food in many countries  would be felt by the common man .

Major reasons for this price surge are 

Heat wave and fire across Russian farms   the third largest exporter of  wheat . Similarly in  Kazakhstan and Ukraine .

Heavy rain  in Canada which has damaged wheat crop .

The other major exporter  Argentina and Australia predicting below normal output this season

Some reactions across the globe on rising wheat prices

A severe drought in Russia could result in higher prices for bread in U.S. stores, as a spike in wheat costs may lead manufacturers to ease up on the discounts retailers pushed for during the recession.
Tyson plays  down   concern over  wheat price increase

for more reactions  read on

The drop in supply has already resulted in a 10-per cent rise in the cost of flour, said Bryan Hinton, owner of Lakeview Bakery in southwest Calgary.
Over the next two months, consumers can expect to see bread prices go up by 20 per cent, he predicted.
"For us, we're going to see the bread sales flatten slightly," he said. "People are going to look around for alternatives for bread. And this is one of the things that always worries you in the bakery industry.
"For the person who is on a strict budget — this is where the impact is the highest."

Bakery chain Greggs yesterday warned rising wheat prices could lead to customers paying more for its products in the coming months.
The Newcastle-based firm's chief executive, Ken McMeikan, said: 'The pressure on the trading environment looks likely to increase...We now expect an increase in ingredient cost inflation in the second half of the year, following the recent rise in wheat prices.

Read more:

.Local bakers are also bracing themselves for the upcoming price hike.
Andrew Jeffers, who owns Jeffers' Bakery in Lisburn, says he uses 300 bags of flour a week.
The price per bag is set to increase by £1.40.
"It's sent shockwaves through the industry," he told UTV.
"It's a mixture from Canada and Russia, which doesn't help. We'll just have to adjust to the circumstances and continue on - that's really all we can do."

Egypt, which gets at least 50 percent of its wheat supply from Russia, is also worried. The Ministry of Trade and Industry said prices of imported wheat recently jumped by 46 percent in one month. The prices of wheat, bread and other grain products in local markets have also increased. Officials rushed to assure the public that Egypt had a four-month supply of the grain on hand. Reported in

Reports  have confirmed Egypt government  placing order on Argentina for additional wheat  requiremnet

GCC ( Gulf Co -opeartion Council)

This region   has very high dependence of food items  on  farm products exporting country . Any change on factors effecting farm output impact food prices in these country . GCC  countries includes UAE , KSA ,Kuwait , Bahrain , Oman , Yemen ,Qatar .Almost 80-90% of food products are imported from various countries.

South Africa

"Race yourself for an increase in the price of bread."

That is the warning to South African consumers following Russia’s decision to ban all wheat exports for the rest of the year. Russia is a major exporter of wheat used in making the flour for baking.

Bread is a staple food in many countries, and especially so for many of South Africa’s poor.

The South African Chamber of Milling said through its executive director Jannie de Villiers that while South Africa had large stocks of wheat imported at lower prices, this would run out soon and the replenishment stock would be at the higher prices.

Du Plessis said prices had risen by about R500/tonne this year and this would translate to an increase of roughly 30c/loaf of bread.

Du Plessis said this year’s local wheat crop was expected to be lower than normal as farmers had only started planting wheat when prices rose to about R2,300/tonne. Prices are currently at R2,800/tonne.

source :

Bread ,noodles and pasta would soon see price hike by the manufacturer . Nigeria  s 90% of wheat comes from USA  where prices have increased by 25% to  $8.41 per bushel .Nigeria spends around N6.0 Billion on wheat import .
According to an industry stakeholder, Innocent Azih, senior consultant and head of agriculture at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG): “Given the role that wheat plays in our eating habits -confectionery- prices might go up and very sharply. This will create more hardships, hunger and exacerbate poverty in Nigeria .( source Govt might impose 5% cassava to be mixed with wheat flour if necessary.


Jordian Government have inked a deal with Germany for  100,000 tonnes of wheat  at a cost of $328.00 per tonne .Minister of trade and industry Mr Amer Hadidi

President of the Bakery Owners Association Abdul Ilah Hamawi said that absent the government subsidy, bread prices would be three times higher.
The government subsidises each tonne of flour with JD181 and due to this support, the cost to bakeries is only JD77 per tonne, Hamawi explained.( source :

Jordanian government has issued a statement that bread prices would remain stable inspite of  rise in wheat prices in international  market .

The Finnish baking industry says increases in the price of bread are likely. Bakeries have faced a 10 percent increase in financial overheads over the past year.
According to the Finnish Association of Bakeries, both increasing salary costs as well as a sharp rise in the price of grain have contributed to the financial pressures affecting the sector.
The association’s Chairman Jari Elonen says profitability is on the decline.
“Our current cost structure is such that price rises seem inevitable,” Elonen notes.
He points the finger of blame as wage hikes, rising grain prices and the cost of energy. The price per tonne of grain has almost doubled in the past two weeks.
In his view, wholesale prices are likely to grow by 5 to 10 percent. ( source


Manila  Bulletin  Publishing  Corp  has written about  plans by Millers  to raise  flour prices  due to price rise in international market .


Bakers of Belgrade have plans to raise price of bread  in  response to higher price of flour

Flour and Sugar  Traders Association ( Apegti)  predicts country flour prices would rise by 20%  in coming months.APEGTI   ask people   must be ready for  higher wheat prices . Biscuit Industry would be worst affected  from Russian Ban of wheat  exports .

Bread prices are set to be increased  by 10%   to $ 1.10  with immediate effect .  This has been agreed upon  by  a decision taken after consulting all stake holder in bread business from Baker Association , Grain miller Association and the National  Incomes and Pricing  Commission.  The  bread manufacturers have increased the  prices  by  10%   which has been  denounced  by the government .

Riots broke out  in suburban town s   in outskirts of capital Maputo against steep rise in bread price  nearly 20%  which led to violent protest from the people . Mozambique  is among the poorest of African nations heavily dependent  on imported food items .

Government  has agreed to  roll back  prices  of  flour to  previous level through  subsidy  to  millers thus  making bakers to  maintain  prices of loaves( 10.09.2010 )


Bread prices   would be raised  by another 3.6%  after holidays .

Subsidized bread prices are expected to add 3.62% after the High Holidays, due to soaring wheat prices.

Zvia Dori, Head of Finance Administration Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry approved the raise, despite the fact that bread prices increased by 3.55% a mere month ago. ( 10.09.2010)

Major Wheat  Importing and Exporting country

Costco Cookies Recalled After Complaints of Metal Contamination-Canada

 Food safety Alert

Costco s  Kirkland  cookies might be contaminated  with metal pieces  warned  Canadian Food Inspection Agency . Consumers are advised not to buy  Costco s cookies .

The Chocolate Lovers’ Cookie and Chocolate Chunk Cookies sold in packages of 1.1 kg (24 cookies) and purchased between July 26 and August 7 are affected, CIFA said in a press release

There have been no reported injuries associated with these products, which were sold through Costco Wholesale stores nationally, the food inspection agency said

Costco has voluntarily  recalled  all its affected products .

Britannia To Invest In Green Field Projects - Nulsi Wadia

Britannia  a  Wadia  group company  plans to setup  new greenfield projects  this financial year confirmed by its chairman Nulsi Wadia in  annual general meeting held  at  Kolkatta. Britannia Industries Ltd is a major player in bakery products in India . It major brands  of Biscuit  are Good Day , Tiger , Marie Gold , MilkBikis , 50-50,Nutrichoice apart from Bread -DailyFresh  and Dairy Products -Milkman .

Few Facts  came out from  this   AGM

Q1 Results

It posted  net profit of Rs 32.8 crore as against Rs 47.3 crore for the same period last year .Volume growth has been  20% April -June where as Value growth has been 26% .

New Projects
Catering to huge demand for bakery products Britannia would install and new plants in India .Location and Category of product are  still to be finalised   .It would  be preferably closer  to market and would  be in area where it can avail tax exemptions and other benefits  from states .confirmed CEO Vinita Bali

Price Hike

Britannia  has been contemplating another round of price increase  to its SKUs   to offset  steep rise in raw material prices  such as Flour , Fat and Sugar. Raw material cost contributes to 60-70% of product costing  .Price increase would be in the range of 5-10%.

KPT (  Kolkatta  Port  Trust  Vs Britannia )

On the ongoing legal battle  with KPT  chairman  said that  they are tackling this issue on both the front . first through legal recourse  and  second by entering into negotiations with KPT . Plant at Taratala and Epic are in operation.However, Britannia suspended operations at its subsidiary, Manna Foods, in November last year.


Overseas  Operations
Middle East
Economic uncertainty and volatile global scenario  had  some negative  impact on Britannia Middle East operations  where it has two manufacturing units  in  UAE  and Oman respectively.With economic turmoil making expats of Indian origin  to  return  to their country  hence reducing expat population . Indian expats makes almost 60% of expat population in UAE .Britannia had made significant investment in brand building  and  distribution channels in Gulf region ( GCC).

Britannia is exploring new markets such as  Saudi Arabia in a big way . Saudi Arabia is the most populous country in Gulf region with sizable Indian population working there.African market is also under consideration .


Srilankan  venture  has been discontinued as returns were not as per company expectation . Srilankan market would be catered from  India .

Source - Various reports in Media on BIL AGM

Unibic To Hire Mediacom South For Its Media Blitz

Unibic  India a 100% subsidiary of Unibic Australia  has hired Media Agency  to  handle its media campaign in all formats .Unibic  has maintained a low profiles for years and advertisement were run in house  ,now that they have rolled out their product pan India and having positive feedback with demand rising Unibic has thought to go for media blitz .

Unibic main products are cookies which is  Rs 500 crore market in India . With  few branded player in this product segment  Unibic strategy is to  target youth and kids .

A  report

Mediacom South has won the media duties for Unibic, the Australian-origin biscuit brand. The creative duties for the same have been with G3 South for the last five years. According to industry sources, the account size is estimated at Rs 10-15 crore. So far, the media buying and planning was being handled in-house by Unibic.

Apparently no formal pitch process took place prior to this development. Confirming the development to afaqs!, Kumar Vel, senior vice-president, sales operations, Unibic India, says, "Although our Australian arm is more than 40 years old, we're a fairly new, growing company in India. As our ad budgets have increased, we were looking for a media buying house that would make our ad spends work hard and be cost effective. Mediacom is among one of the most respected media agencies out there in this regard."

Unibic was strong in South India in its initial years and has spread out to the rest of the country as well in the last two years. It has different products such as biscuits and cookies, targeted at various age groups, primarily youth and children. Anita Devraj Mookerjee, general manger, Mediacom South, says, "The brief that came to us was from a young brand, which is looking to be seen as youth centric. We went around offering not just a sound traditional media mix but also innovative solutions that can help the brand's imagery."
The media mix will be predominantly led by television, particularly spots on ODI (One Day International) cricket matches and some regional spots on channels in Tamil Nadu, including Sun TV. Other media such as on ground and BTL (below-the-line) shall follow.
Unibic is a premium brand that stands for the detailing and intricacy that goes into the making of a biscuit, with the baseline 'Traditional Bakery Recipes'. It carries a legacy of being one of 'Australia's finest cookies'. Its creative campaigns so far have been around indulgence, centred around its consumers 'deserving a great day' with the products offered by Unibic.


Lotte India Corporation To Produce Choco Pie In India

Choco Pie s have become popular among kids here in India . These are sourced from countries like Malaysia , Thailand , Singapore or Hongkong .

South Korean snacks manufacturer Lotte Confectionery has started to manufacture its Choco Pie biscuit brand at a newly-completed plant in Chennai, southern India. A Lotte spokesman said the company wanted to boost Indian production of Choco Pie, which, he claimed was popular locally, for its convenience.

Instead of having a big meal, several pieces of Choco Pies can make your stomach full, he said. Choco Pie will dominate production at the plant but the facility will produce other snacks and sweets later, the spokesman said. Operated by Lotte India Corp., also located in Chennai, the plant has a planned 6,000 tonnes annual capacity.

The plant costlotte group , chocopie , lotte india , lotte choco pie about US$70m to build and is currently focusing on the Indian market. However, in future, it could supply the Middle East and Africa, the spokesman added. Seoul-based Lotte Confectionery, a subsidiary of the Lotte Group, entered India through exports before acquiring Indian confectionery company Parrys in 2004. Through years of retailing businesses in India, we found out that the nation holds a market with huge potential to Lotte, the spokesman said.

Lotte India Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of South Korean multinational giant Lotte Confectionery Limited, on Wednesday inaugurated a new facility at Nemam village near here. The company has invested around $70 million (around Rs 322 crore) in the facility.

Lotte groups vice chairman Dong Bin Shin said that the new plant has a capacity of 1.8 lakh cartons of Lotte chocopie which would be exported to Middle East and African nations, besides catering to the domestic market. The plant was manufacturing candies and currently has a market share of around 10 percent in the country and 20 percent in the southern states. This facility will enable the company to capture five per cent of market share in biscuits by next year, said Shin.

Major competition for choco pie would come from  Malaysian brand from Cocoaland Industry SDN and Orion

Major  South  East  Asian  Bakery  Manufacturers

FSSAI Appoints Authorised Officer For Chennai Port

Food Safety and Standards Authority of  India  has started appointing authorised officers for port clearance to  imported food stuff landing up at different ports in India . Notification also mentions that  Authorised officer would also handle the role of Port Health Officer as defined in PFA Act 1954.

Chennai  Port gets its first Authorised Officer Mr G Srinivasan under the FSSAI Act ,2006.Any matter related to clearance of  imported  food stuff may  be now addressed to Authorised Officer instead of Port Health officer .

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Americans Prefer Whole Grain Bread Over White Bread

Going through the consumption pattern for breads in USA  ,Its observed that gradually  people preference for bread consumption has  changed to whole wheat bread . People have become conscious about their health and kids healths .Fibres are more in whole grain bread than white bread .

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Whole grains are the hottest trend in sliced bread, with whole wheat edging out soft white bread in total sales for the first time.
whole grain  bread , healthy bread , diet  bread , multi grain  bread
Flooded with messages about heart health, fiber intake and the need for omega-3s, more consumers are looking for bread that can taste good and deliver nutrients.
That's why shopping for sliced bread is increasingly about one of two things: what's affordable, and what seems healthiest. And the breads in the middle of the market seem to be getting squeezed.
The best-performing breads are promoting credentials like "whole grain" and "natural," sometimes asking consumers to pay more for those loaves. And it seems to be working. Breads with "natural" in the name, or grains visible through the packaging, are among the best performing at grocery stores. Among them: Nature's Own, Nature's Pride and Arnold.
It's part of a major turning of the tide. Packaged wheat bread recently surpassed white bread in dollar sales, according to Nielsen Co. For the 52 weeks ended July 10, wheat bread sales increased 0.6 per cent to $2.6 billion, while white bread sales declined 7 per cent to $2.5 billion. White bread is still ahead in volume, but the margin is shrinking. Americans bought 1.5 billion packages of white bread in the last year, a 3 per cent decrease, and 1.3 billion packages of wheat bread, a 5 per cent increase.

Flow Diagram For Bulk Fat Handling Sytem In Bakery

 bulk handling , fat bulk handling,bulk handling for raw material

Fat handling system is installed in large bakeries producing higher volumes of bakery products . Fat being one of the major ingredient for bakery products is procured in bulk for cost advantage . This bulk procurement leads to storage problem .As per nature of fat which has low melting point needs to be stored in cold storage if bought in bag on boxes . To solve this and to have cost advantage in terms of loading and unloading of boxes or drum companies have installed fat bulk handling system .Similar to what we discussed earlier in Bulk Flour handling system .

Main component of any fat handling system are

Storage tank : Storage tank could be of S.s or M.s with man hole ,insulation and inlet and outlet for fat

Loading or unloading pumps - These pumps are special lobe pumps which can handle viscous fluid and unload fat from tankers

Insulation - Required during winter when temperature are low

Heat tracing - Additional heating facility in areas where temperature s goes down during extreme winter

Transferring pump - Pump to transfer fat from storage tank to mixing section

Temperature Controllers and Indicator - Instruments to control temperature of fat inside the storage tanks as higher temperatures can make fat rancid .

International Wheat Price Rises To All Time High

 With ban on exports of wheat by Russia the prices have gone upwards . Countries dependent on exports such as Middle Eastern countries and African nations  bakery industry would be impacted by steep increase of wheat and subsequently  wheat flour  price.

 A report

Wheat rose to a 23-month high in Chicago as Russia, the world’s third-biggest grower, banned exports because of the country’s worst drought in at least a half-century. Rice also surged.
Halting shipments would be “appropriate” to contain domestic prices that gained 19 percent last week, faster than at the peak of the global food crisis in 2008, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told a government meeting today in Moscow. A government decree signed today bans exports of wheat, barley, rye, corn and flour from Aug. 15 to Dec. 31.
“As of today, Russia has no grain market,” said Kirill Podolsky, the chief executive officer of Valars Group, the country’s third-biggest grain trader. Valars will stop exports immediately because shipments may be held at customs until the start of the ban, he said. “This will be a catastrophe for farmers and exporters alike.”
A heat wave in Russia, dry weather in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the European Union, and flooding in Canada ruined crops and drove a surge in Chicago wheat prices of as much as 92 percent since June 9. Russia’s drought is now threatening sowing plans for winter grain and damaging other crops including sugar beets, potatoes and corn, the national weather center said this week.
Wheat for December delivery rose 57.25 cents, or 7.6 percent, to $8.1275 a bushel at 10:14 a.m. on the Chicago Board of Trade. Earlier, the price jumped the CBOT’s 60-cent limit to $8.155, the highest level since August 2008. Wheat reached a record $13.495 in February 2008, part of a surge in prices that sparked food riots from Haiti to Egypt.
Milling-wheat futures for November delivery surged 7 percent to 225 euros a metric ton, or about $8.04 a bushel, on the NYSE Liffe exchange in Paris.


Anmol Launches Lemon Mazaa Cream Biscuit

 anmol biscuits , anmol , lemon mazza
Anmol  Biscuits  have launched unique  flavour  cream biscuit named "" Lemon Mazaa ""
"Each brand of bakery product has its own storyand history behind them to tell .Bakerybazar intends to discover and unravel these stories before you""

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