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Unibic Brings Healthy Cookies To Stores

Unibic  India   which has by now created  a niche for itself  in  mostly  unbranded cookies market  in India . As earlier declared by  Mr Nikhil  Sen  CEO of  Unibic   for   creating  innovative and healthy  products  has  come up with  "Oatmeal  Digestive" .  For market which  is already being flooded with  numerous  digestives , the major ones  competing   are  United Biscuits " Mcvities"  and Britannia s "Nutri choice" .

 unibic cookies ,digestive,unibic oatmeal cookies
Unibic  adds  Rolled  Oats  to  the  digestive  recipe  of   wheat  flour and bran  for its "Oatmeal Digestive". Priced at  Rs 15/- for  100 gms  .Thus  offering  a healthy  variance  to   digestive biscuits .

Top 20 Indian Cities Looking For Bakery Businesses

From the visitors   data analysis  on  bakerybazar  for  interest  shown  by people on setting up bakeries  I have  ranked  Indian  cities in  descending order  -Max visit   to Min visit  .

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Indore
  • Bhubneshwar
  • Cochin
  • Coimbatore
  • Chandigarh
  • Jaipur
  • Bhopal
  • Surat
  • Guwahati
  • Ahmedabad
  • Patna
  • Aurangabad
  • Gurgaon

The  above list  shows  the popularity  of  bakery businesses and opportunities  are very high in metros .Delhi outranks other cities  in interest for bakery business thus speaking about popularity of bakery products in Delhi  . Even  tier  II cities like  Surat , Jaipur ,Patna ,Cochin and Coimbatore  are looking for  bakery  as viable business.Enquiries varies from large automated plants  to small bakeries .Even  people have started asking for business plan related  to bakery chains /live in bakeries /bakery cafes/ tuc shops in corporates

Mcvities Brings Orange Flavour To It s Cream Biscuit

Mcvities  in  India  has in short  span  got  some foot hold  in  competitive market  of  biscuit category . Earlier it has launched  cookies and marie  along with its  trade mark  digestive biscuits .  It has also offered several promos  with  assorted packs of  marie and cookies  and digestive and cookies .
 mcvities orange cream biscuits, mcvities cream biscuit
 In  recent launch  of  its  Mcvitie's Cream  -Orange  biscuits  , Mcvitie's  is trying  to  promote  orange cream biscuit among the largest consumer group of kids and teens . Orange flavours  is popular among kids . Where all other brand are fighting for  chocolate  variety Mcvities has strategically placed its  Orange variety  in Indian biscuit variety . Orange cream  has price tag of  Rs 10/-  for six biscuit placed in pvc  tray  (  wt = 58  g ) .  Promoted  with free  BEN 10  stickers

Bakery Business 2011 - 9th to 11th November

Bakery Business 2011  -  An annual  trade fair  of  prime importance  for  Indian bakery industry professional , entrepreneurs , vendors , manufacturers  and experts would be held  from 9th-11thNovember2011 . It  would  be the 6th edition of this event in a row  showcasing developments in the  field of  bakery/pastry which will  include  ingredients , process and technology . Bakery business 2011 is organised  by  Hospitality First   and would be staged  at  world trade centre , Cuff Parade , Mumbai.

Around  100  exhibitors  would show case  their products and services related  to bakery and pastry industry . A live competition would be held  for best bakery creation by  chefs  during the  event  called India bakery and pastry challenge .

For details  contact

Head Office: Mumbai
1st Floor, Above Ajanta Auto,
Next to Four Seasons Hotel,
81, E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018

Pradeep Gopalan: +91 98211 62231

Chetan Salvi: +91 98213 31426

Farzana Gandhi: +91 9820740639

Parle Launches Milk Power In Tamil Nadu

 milk power , parle milk power , parle biscuits
Parle products  India s leading biscuit manufacturer  has test  launched  Milk Power biscuits in Tamil Nadu  prior to going  pan India .  Tamil nadu has almost 55% market  share for milk biscuits  still dominated by arch rival Britannia's  Milk Bikkis , new  ITC  Milk magic and  Horlicks biscuits  . Parle 's  earlier foray  into Milk biscuit segment was through  its  product called Milk Shakti   with  recipe of milk with honey  which  could not  make much of  impact . Parle now  with new avatar of Milk Power  has  launched  this  biscuit fortified with  vitamins and iron  which would appeal to health  conscious mothers .Milk  variety  is about 5-10% of  total biscuit production popular among kids and teens .

source : Financial Chronicle 

Chorleywood Process Which Revolutionised Bread Manufacturing

Bread Manufacturing was  changed for ever  with  Chorleywood  process  , This process allowed bakers to produce bread loaves in  shortest  ever  time with continuous process without  the  conventional method of  allowing bread to ferment for long hours . Most of automated Bread Manufacturing plants  across the globe  follow Chorleywood process .

Even the fresh crusty bread baked at your local supermarket is probably made the Chorleywood way.

The work of the scientists at the Chorleywood Flour Milling and Bakery Research Association laboratories in 1961 led to a new way of producing bread, making the average loaf in Britain 40% softer, reducing its cost and more than doubling its life.
25th November 1965: A line of baked loaves ready to be packed at the Wonderloaf Bakery, Tottenham, north London. The move was good for British farmers growing low-protein wheat

What is more, each slice was uniform.

For its supporters, it was the innovation that pushed bread into the modern era.

"It is a process we invented and we should be very proud of it," says Gordon Polson, of the British Federation of Bakers. "UK bread is around the cheapest in the world."

The bread scientist, Stan Cauvain, who worked with the original inventors and has written the definitive work on the Chorleywood Process says they knew from the beginning they had changed baking forever.

"The inventors knew they were on to something special and it would have far reaching consequences."

Its origins lay in the late 1950s and the need to try to find a way for small bakers to compete with new industrial bakeries. The light brown "national loaf" during the long years of rationing had, for many consumers, outstayed its welcome. Soft, springy, white bread - that did not go stale quickly - was what the public wanted.

"Already, thanks to the Chorleywood process, nearly half the wheat in our bread is British. The industry's current development programme could bring about a situation where British bread is made from an even higher proportion of British wheat - thus making the British loaf even better value for money in relation to world bread prices."

The research bakers at Chorleywood discovered that by adding hard fats, extra yeast and a number of chemicals and then mixing at high speed you got a dough that was ready to bake in a fraction of the time it normally took.

It allowed bread to be made easily and economically with low protein British wheat.

Important  Timelines for  Modern Bread Manufacturing in  UK

      1928: First bread slicing machine, invented by Otto Rohwedder, exhibited at a bakery trade fair in the US
  • 1930: Large UK bakeries take commercial slicers and sliced bread first appears in shops
  • 1933: Around 80% of US bread is pre-sliced and wrapped. The phrase "the best thing since sliced bread" coined
  • 1941: Calcium added to UK flour to prevent rickets
  • 1942: The national loaf - much like today's brown loaf - introduced to combat shortage of white flour
  • 1954: Conditions in bakeries regulated by the Night Baking Act
  • 1956: National loaf abolished
  • 1961: The Chorleywood Bread Process introduced

BBC News

Britannia Brings Choco chip " TIGER KRUNCH" At Rs5/-

Britannia   has launched  a low cost  chocolate chip  biscuit  in  its  Tiger brand  . Tiger  brand  has been pitched basically  by Britannia  to take on   Parle  G . Tiger  glucose biscuit   had  some success  in getting glucose market  share .  Britannia  has  since then tried to  add many   low cost variant  for mass glucose segment with  Tiger cream , Tiger Cookies  and now  Tiger Krunch   with  choco  chips  . Idea  is to provide  premium product  with  low cost   tag  to  large customer base including  rural  market .  Tiger Krunch is  priced at  Rs 5/-  bracket .

Arnotts Tic Toc Biscuits - Innovation in Biscuit Design

 tic toc ,arnotts tic toc biscuit ,arnotts
Arnotts  Innovative biscuit  design  which  would definitely  be  liked by kids ,  uses clock moulds  for its  cream biscuits .

Arnotts -  A profile

Parle Products Goes For Expansion Mode To Thwart Competition

 Parle  Products  the leading  biscuit manufacturer  in India  has adopted  a aggressive  expansion plan  to maintain its leadership position in biscuit segment through increasing its production  capacities and distribution channels .

A report
The Rs6,000 crore biscuits major Parle Products, which has pilfered Britannia Industries Ltd’s market share, is looking to maintain its leadership in the branded biscuits segment.
Parle claims to hold a market share of 40% in volume and 32% in value terms in the branded biscuits segment. At present, Britannia has a market share of 28% in volume terms and 32% in value.

Analysts estimate Britannia has lost about 4% volume share in the last three years, whereas Parle has gained the same.
Going forward, the company plans to double its distribution network and increase the number of its manufacturing units.

complete story  on -DNA

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