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Bakers Look For Egg Replacers

Recent  ban  on  battery cages   in European  countries had  made egg availability scarce   for  bakers . Bakers are now  using  egg substitutes for their  recipes  .

European  union ban  on battery hen  cages is   due  to protest  against  stuffing  hens together in   cages  . Poultry owners have asked for some time  to switch over to alternative methods  to house  hens .  This made egg  shortages in market  and  egg costlier  to bakers .

Egg replacers or Egg liquid substitutes  demand  have risen and companies like  Arla  Food ingredients  and  Kerry ingredients  forsee  rise in their sales  .  It  would take  few months for  bakeries to have normal supply of eggs .  Spoke person for  European Union 's  Agriculture and Rural  development   has predicted  that  the problem is temporary as per  past  experience .

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