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Bakery Trends Which Dominated Year 2013

As  the new  year starts  I just sat to  reflect on   highlights of  bakery  segment  in year 2013  .


Cream  was the dominant  theme for  many manufacturers  . Every manufacturer in biscuit segment have come up with new varieties of cream biscuits . Let it be  Big 3 - Britannia , Parle , ITC   or  the major mnc like  United biscuit & Kraft .Even local brands pitched their  cream biscuits such as Priya gold, Cremica, Bonn and Anmol etc .

Small packs  with 4-6  biscuit a pack has been dominating the shelves of tier -2 & tier -3  cities .


Kraft  and  United Biscuits  consolidated  their positions in their respective niche  giving tough fight  to local manufacturers . With promotions  lined up for  to get sales . Many  product  launches from Shakti Bhog, Bonn, Biskfarm  and Anmol

Digestive  has become  the  new mantra  for  all manufacturers  with  big brands  promoting their  digestive biscuits  on health  platform .Oats , Atta biscuit  were few experiments people have seen coming out with  these biscuit manufacturers .

Baked  snacks  are being promoted  by   other snacking product manufacturers .Parle ,ITC ,Pepsico .

 Major  theme on  healthy  eating   with  low fat ( zero trans fat ) , low sugar , low salt  and high fibre .is  also evident on majority of  cookies and biscuit .


  Major  theme on  healthy  eating   with  low fat ( zero trans fat ) , low sugar , low salt  and high fibre  is also evident  in  bread category . White ( sandwich ) bread lost its supremacy  with brown , whole grain , high fibre and our own desi atta bread  establishing themselves  as major  alternate .

Its now evident that 50% of bread shelf in any retailer  are filled up by  brown/atta bread .Other variants are also launched  such as multi grain ,  oats , garlic  .

Other Bread  category  has  been popular among middle class  masses  such as Pav ,  Buns , Hotdogs  and Rusk

Rusk has seen the most  action in  year 2013  as local as well as  big names have started branding rusk  which was  produced by local bakeries . Britannia , Bonn , Kitty , Babaji  and  others  have started  marketing their own brand of rusks.


Bar cake or sliced cake    are now  being produced and marketed by many  which was once only  done by Britannia

Thus  cake  segment is witnessing  major competition   from  Monginis , Winki
es , Bonn  HUL   etc . Eggless cake is  now  a major  cake category  in  shops . Other products  such as Swiss rolls , Cupcake , Muffins   are being marketed by few  such as Monginis and Winkies .

Cafe & Retail  chain
Other prominent feature in 2013  was mushrooming of  Bakery retail and cafes  all across major cities  thus giving consumers  taste of  having fresh baked products  to  devour . Now we can see that that major coffee retail chains have become major counters  to get exotic baked products like donuts , pastries , cakes , pies and tarts.

Other  wheat products 
Pasta/ Noodles   and Pizza  has been extremely  popular  among masses .

"Each brand of bakery product has its own storyand history behind them to tell .Bakerybazar intends to discover and unravel these stories before you""

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