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Priya Gold Enters Sliced Cake Segment

Priya gold  flagship brand   for Surya foods and Agro  ltd group of companies  has recent months launched  fruit cake s  in  nascent  cake segment of Indian bakery   business . Other major  brands  are   Britannia , Parle , Monginis

Mother Dairy Experiments With Ice cream On Cakes

Indian s have  sweet tooth where  sweets  are  must for  all kind of festivities and ceremonies  , bakery products have made inroads in this category  for  hygienic and products free from adulteration

One of my favorite have been  ice cream with gulab jamuns  and  some times I wished if we can have cakes with  ice cream , Mother dairy has come out with  this lavish  combination . I had luxury to get these packs from  street vendor in my neighborhood . Aptly named " Ice cream  cakes "

Try this and you would definitly  scream " Dil mange more "

Winkies Goes For Premium Centre Filled Cakes

Winkies   brand owned by  Dream Bake Pvt Ltd  has  focused on  premium cake category  with  innovative packaging  and  price  .Winkies  has wide range of premium range of swiss rolls , cupcakes , cream filled cake slice  , muffins   . Winkies have charted  a  niche market  and has made mark on pan India basis .

 It has launched  Centre filled   cakes .

Parle enters Sliced Cake Business

Parle  India 's leading  bakery  manufacturer has  now  enter into lucrative business  of  sliced  cake  business  which has been dominated by Britannia for long . Some regional players  have also entered this category  companies  like  Monginis , Priyagold ,  Kitty  , Winkies   all have  launched  sliced cakes and other premium cake categories  .

Choco Chips is Now Choco Chunkies For Britannia

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