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Britannia Brings Biscotti -Cake As Biscuit

Biscotti  from Britannia Industries ltd
Britannia  has launched  cake in biscuit characteristic named  ''Biscotti' , a novel experiment  where consumer  can have flavour of both biscuit and cake , even we can compare it  to rusk flavored as cake .  Britannia  and other  major biscuit manufacturers have realized that  premium products  could lead to better sales and margins , Today consumers are ready to experiment new categories  and products  which might be costlier but with higher delicacy.Its intersting  to see that  biscuit manufacturers are  developing new varities  in biscuit categories  with flavours like  zeera , cheese , fenugreek seeds , oats , raggi , atta  etc .

Cadbury.s Bournvita Biscuit

cadburys bournvita  biscuit , bournvita biscuits , mondelez bournvita biscuit
Now Bournvita Biscuits
 Bournvita Biscuit plugs gap for something healthier  for breakfast

Initial  packs size  are   Rs 10/- and Rs 25/-

Concept is good  even I  had tasted this biscuit  and is have Bournvita  unique flavour in  Biscuits.

Targeted  for kids and youth  to  keep  it close for   any time snack.

Competition comes from  Britannia Nutri choice  -  family of  biscuits  such as oats , digestive   etc  .

Lessons For Bakeries From Maggi Fiasco

Maggi  fiasco  has been eye opener  for  food operators  who have been taking lightly the powers /provisions  of  food regulator and law.

Bakeries must  take lessons from  entire  episode where  Nestle  has to  make loss worth  Rs 400 crore on product  recall , worth thousand of rupees on  destroying  these recalled packs . Not to mention the sale  loss and  worst  the consumer trust .

Nestle was  found to be violating  two  critical laws
1. Misleading  Labelling - No MSG
   Harmful  impact of  Mono sodium Glumate  it might  result  into Headache , Sweating , Numbness, Nausea   etc 

2.  Excess of  Lead presence in the Maggi
 Excess lead  consumption might  result into  decreased growth of  muscle  and bones . Lead  also          hamper  child brain development

Bakeries to  take note  of following


Manufacturer /Producer
Nestle  is this case  has  shown slow response  to the  reports coming out with  different  corners of the country were  samples  were  checked and  MSD  and Lead  presence  were confirmed above  permissible limits .
Over confidence over  its own  lab and  test procedures has let them down  .
Its surprising that  the  systems adopted  by Food operators  needs to be  validated by third party/Independent  authorities in time to time
Interpretation of laws  in their own way . Nestle  claim to that noodles  and  masala maker  are   one complete  set  was erroneous

Its  surprising that for  last 30 years   the govt labs /officials 
has never  warned or issues warning to Nestle  on MSD  or Lead presence  over the permissible  levels
Before banning the Maggi  govt officials  should have given chance to company  to  show case its  defence  for the violations
Banning  entire products  from  production in arbitary would have not stood   the courts  of the land 
Establishing  Labs  for  tests and validation which need to be created near  vicinity  of production /manufacturers  areas .

Consumers  need to be alert on their favorite  food products  especially the packaged food on following front.
More  care  need to be taken for products meant  for Kids and Children .
Critical aspects on Food labels
Shelf life
Taste /Odour
Dangerous ingredients - eg Lead

Parle Rebrands Marie Into " BakeSmith "

parlemarie,marie,bakesmith marie,biscuits,marie
Parle  has now  re christened its   Marie  to Bakesmith  as major rebranding exercise to  boost  falling share of Marie biscuit segment  . Other major competitors for this segment are Britannia , Cremica , Parle  and  ITC  as domestic  players and  Mcvities  from  United  Biscuits.. Marie  biscuits are popular  among elderly population  for being a low sugar  supplement in biscuit segment

Parle Brings " Americana " To Counter Britannia

Parle  products  is now  facing decline  in  glucose  sale,  impacting its bottom line  as popular  demand for  cream and cookies  biscuits have increased .
In addition  to  preferences  competition has  also dented into  Parle share of the market ,  Glucose  market  has also shrinked .

americana , parle americana , parle biscuits , americana cookies
Americana Cookies -Parle
To counter  the decline in market   Parle has  re -branding   for  two of  its  regular varieites  such as  Cookies and Marie into   new look  with re branding   giving  new names to  Cookies - Americana  and  Marie - Bakesmith   .  Packaging has new look with  American and British  Flags  look alike  in background .  It would be  interesting to see whether  Americana  rules   Or   Britannia .

Parle  faces tough competition from  Britannia  and ITC   as domestic competitors  and  Kraft and United Biscuits  as MNC  competitors . Bakery segment is estimated to worth Rs 25,000  crore  . Biscuit category could be  of 75 -80 % of this  market  segment .

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