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                                                Modern Bread

One could never forget the Modern bread’s lip-smacking flavours!

Right from fruity flavor till the classic salt bread, each and every one of us would have had a slice of it, either knowingly or unknowingly. Modern bread  into wax  paper  packaging with long que

Be it toasted, dunked, topped, sliced or sandwiched! We might have had one!!


Started as Modern Bakeries India Limited in 1965, the name was later changed to Modern Foods India Limited in 1982.

Being the first bread company to be privatized by the Government of India in 2000, it was later sold to Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL). Last April, Modern was taken over by Everstone Capital, which is now recognized as Modern Foods Enterprises Private Limited.

A twist in the tale!

Modern bread
pic courtesy- Modern food
For almost many generations, Modern posed itself to be the most powerful food resource in the Indian bread market.

Do you know that the Blue & Orange Waxed Paper Bread pack from Modern was virtually synonymous with bread?

When people were very much obsessed with the taste and flavor of the bread, there came many competitors. The only option to sustain in the market is ‘Adapt to the wishes of the consumer’

By 2016, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) handed over Modern foods India Limited to Everstone Capital, a private firm. Right now 100% of Modern share remains with Everstone Capital.

The route to success

So, what made Modern a strong competitor in the bread industry, when there is a tough competitor like Brittania?

As simple as ever!!

Modern always ensured that they add high-value elements to complement their nutritiously delicious products.

Experience the new

The word mark, the brand slogan, and the taste everything has undergone a transformation that gives contemporary essence to Modern.

The new motto, ‘Thrive, and savour life to the fullest’ helps to make smarter choices from its wide range of delicious bread and bakery products.

The #belikebread social media campaign bread that delivers an important message, ‘Bread doesn’t discriminate’.


It is therefore clear that the rebranded Modern Bread will certainly create a stir in the bread industry. The reason is that an average Indian urban consumer will be keen in experimenting and trying out a product that would match international standards.

Taste the classic bread with a modern twist and indulge yourself in a delightful taste palate.

Modern bread  are into whole lots of  bakery  products  right from bread , cakes , pizza base , bun , rusks  and  dosa batter .

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