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Different type of biscuits in Indian market

When you visit grocery shop , malls , super market , hypermarkets and mom & pop shops ,for your monthly grocery shopping bakery products are must in your list . Now days you have plethora of products to buy from manufacturers who are coming up with new varieties to lure customers .

Bakery products due to their longer shelf life can be stored for longer period . Also its popular among all cross section of populations from rich to poor . from kids to old .from teenager to adults , From mom to pop .bakery products have a distinct advantage from other food products as it s any time and to any one product.
Here are few popular types of biscuit .

Plain sweet type
Plain salty type
Plain sweet n salty type
Cracker variety
Cream sandwich type
Wafer biscuit type
Digestive types
Marie type s
Enrobed biscuits
Jelly filled biscuits

With branded products all over the market you can find local producers giving you a better type of biscuit .

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    Biscuits flavour most in demand?

    A) Date Biscuit

    B) Cashew Biscuit

    C) Coconut Biscuit

    D) Sweet Potato

    E) Vanilla Biscuit

    F) Chocolate Biscuit

    To vote this question please click the link given below


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