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Britannia Brings Biscotti -Cake As Biscuit

Biscotti  from Britannia Industries ltd
Britannia  has launched  cake in biscuit characteristic named  ''Biscotti' , a novel experiment  where consumer  can have flavour of both biscuit and cake , even we can compare it  to rusk flavored as cake .  Britannia  and other  major biscuit manufacturers have realized that  premium products  could lead to better sales and margins , Today consumers are ready to experiment new categories  and products  which might be costlier but with higher delicacy.Its intersting  to see that  biscuit manufacturers are  developing new varities  in biscuit categories  with flavours like  zeera , cheese , fenugreek seeds , oats , raggi , atta  etc .

Cadbury.s Bournvita Biscuit

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Now Bournvita Biscuits
 Bournvita Biscuit plugs gap for something healthier  for breakfast

Initial  packs size  are   Rs 10/- and Rs 25/-

Concept is good  even I  had tasted this biscuit  and is have Bournvita  unique flavour in  Biscuits.

Targeted  for kids and youth  to  keep  it close for   any time snack.

Competition comes from  Britannia Nutri choice  -  family of  biscuits  such as oats , digestive   etc  .
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