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Alveograph or Extensograph - An Important tool for bakers

Alveograph is an integral part of any bakery or flour miller .Its a must for bakeries and helps in inspecting flour for its strength .Alveograph is also known as extensometer by many . These machine was invented by M .Chopin Hence the name Chopin extensometer. Alveograph uses air pressure to inflate a thin sheet of dough . Simulating carbon dioxide gas which is present in the dough and is the reason for dough to stretch in process.Dough is allowed to inflate till it burst .The point at which the dough sheet burst is recorded and values calculated for the flour . These values are plotted and shown as graph through computer.
Following are the parameter which an Alveograph shows
P- Its the value which shows the amount of pressure withstood by the dough sheet before it burst.
L -Shows the maximum height attained by the bubble befor it collapsed or bursted.This shows the flexibility of the dough
P/L- Its the value obtained by pressure upon the height attained and this shows the strength of the flour.
G- The volume of the air entrapped in the bubble before bubble burst .This shows the flexibility of the dough .
W- Energy required to get the bubble inflated before it collapsed .This shows the strength of the flour .

Once all the parameter s are analysed then bakers selects the suitable product for the flour as per its characteristics . Normally these tests are done prior to production which saves time and energy of the operators with the right selection of flour .This also minimise the chances of the failure of the batch .

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