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Food Cutting with Ultra sonic waves - A press release

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Food Cutting with Ultrasonics

The cutting of food products is a requirement throughout a wide variety of food related markets. The use of ultrasonics for the cutting of these products has shown to reduce product waste and increase throughput while providing first grade cuts.

Herrmann Ultrasonics offers ultrasonic food cutting systems that utilize a vibrating blade of varying sizes and configurations to cut a wide variety of food products. These ultrasonic systems can be configured in almost any type of array, whether the requirements are longitudinal cuts, cross cuts, slicing or any combination of the above.

Ultrasonics are currently being used in the confectionary, bakery and candy industries because of the clear advantages that ultrasonics offers compared to traditional mechanical systems. Ultrasonics can be used to cut through products that are soft, sticky, hard or fragile. First grade cuts can be the standard for each these products without the need for regular blade replacements and cleaning. The use of ultrasonics offers a solution that can cut through hard products such as nuts along with soft products such as fruits and chocolates with the same system. Another clear benefit of Herrrmann Ultrasonics cutting systems are that these products can be cut regardless if they are warm from baking or cold from refrigeration without product sticking to the blade while having the ability to make very thin cuts of the same high quality.

Other industries that are realizing the benefits of ultrasonics are cheese and meat products. Cheese products that are high or low moisture regardless of temperature can benefit from ultrasonics by providing clean and smooth cuts while reducing waste. The vibrating energy of the ultrasonic blade allows for the precise cutting of soft or hard products, especially in thin slices. This allows for less waste at the perimeter of the product. Meat and sausage products can be cut, sliced and prepared regardless of temperature or density. Ultrasonics provides high quality cuts with less waste and less maintenance. Ultrasonic cutting blades do not have the wear and replacement issues common with traditional mechanical systems, resulting in higher throughput with less down time.

The consumer expectations of food products are becoming more and more stringent. Customers expect a high quality product that is also visually pleasing. Herrmann Ultrasonics food cutting systems provide a versatile and flexible method of food cutting that provides for smooth first grade cuts of a wide variety of products that are visually superior to traditional mechanical systems. This can be achieved in manufacturing while reducing waste, improving throughout and reducing energy consumption.

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