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Gardenia -QAF brand - A Profile

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Gardenia is one of the most popular bakery brands in Asean countries . Gardenia brand is owned by Singapore based QAF ltd . Established in 1950 by the name Ben and Company ltd and were in the business of food distributorship . In 1984 name changed to QAF ltd and is listed to Singapore bourse. QAF main businesses are Food Production , Milk and dairy production, Pork processing and distribution ,Logistics and warehousing , Food trading and distribution .There operations are in countries like Malaysia , Philippines , Australia ,Singapore and China .
Few major brands of QAF ltd are Gardenia , Bonjour , Cowhead , Farmland , High Country ,Haton , Family chef ,Opti Milk , Orchard Fresh , Nutrimax , Bakers Maison

We would focus only on its bakery business which is done under brand name Gardenia and Bonjour . Bakery products are packaged loaf bread, pastries and bakery products which are manufactured and distributed in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia. Its has been awarded Super brand status in Singapore , Malaysia and Philippines
Bakery products under Gardenia are sandwich breads, health breads, flavoured loaves, pandesal, buns and snack cakes

HQ - 150 South Bridge Road,No 09-04 Fook Hai Building,Singapore, 058727
Singapore,Phone: 65 6538 2866,Fax: 65 6538 6866

Sales Turn over( 2008) -USD 582.0 Mn
Chairman- Mr Didi Dawis
Group MD -Mr Tan Kong King


  1. what is the mission and vision of gardenia???

  2. how many percent are you sure that your products are clean and safe to eat? thanks


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