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Pest Control for bakery Industry

As bakery industry is moving towards food safety standards and regulations with tools like HACCP ,GMP , ISO22000,BRC,SQF etc ,pest control becomes important in the view of sanitation and hygiene.
Food items at place of storage , process and dispatch attracts pest which are nuisance as well problem towards hygienic conditions in a bakery . Various types of pest could be seen in a bakery where no pest management is in place eg insects , beevels , rodents , flies , birds etc .Pest control itself is a specialised field where one has to contact professional pest control contractors or else ask some consultant to do a Pest audits in the plant and to do follow up action on his recommendation .
Workers & Factory Personnel's have to be trained in hygiene and pest control tools and methods .
Pest control management includes following
  • Waste management in place and working .Ensure that wastes , spillages ,floor sweepings are lifted in regular intervals through out the day .
  • Building repair and maintenance are done regularly where building cracks and grooves are filled in and repaired so that insects or rodent do not grow in these cracks .
  • Insecticutors are in place and source of flies are unidentified and corrective action taken .
  • Drainage system is designed properly and is working .
  • To remove moisture and humidity from production areas .
  • Storage areas to be provided with at least 20-20" space or gap all around so as to allow personnel to clean the storage area.
  • Tanks an silos to be cleaned regularly after fumigation on regular intervals.
  • Dry sludge for ETPs to be lifted regularly .
  • Protective clothing to be provided to visitors .
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration units to checked for condensation and leaky pipelines can be source of pests.
Following chemicals and items can help in pest control
Commercial Hcl , Dettol,Bleaching Powder,Detergent Powder,Soap Solutions,Napthelene toilet balls,toilet bowl cleaner,Potassium Permagnate,Pynolic Evans,Snip Fly bait,Quick Bait,Fly attractant,Fly terminators,Glue Sticks.

Pest Bird Control Methods


  1. Integrated Pest Management is a technique to understand what a food establishment needs, and creating a custom plan per establishment. It includes the way food is processed and what sanitation methods are being used to ensure a pest free environment.

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  3. JP McHale is absolutely correct, sanitation and the way the employees and management think about issues. Its all about being proactive, think about the change of seasons and how that may impact pests and rodent activities.

    I'm pleased to see good and informative articles being passed around. Its all about learning...
    Great Job!

  4. thanks for encouraging words .We at bakerybazarblog are commited to share all information about good hygienic practices in bakery industry

  5. Hygiene in food processing units should be the first priority. Great Job Subodh your posts are really informative and quite useful not only for commercial facilities but for households also.

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