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Pu conveyors Vs Cotton conveyors for bakery plants

Bakery factories or plants have numerous conveyors in their process and webs are made up of either Pu , PVC or cotton conveyors . All these materials have their advantage s as well as disadvantages . Pu material are costly but hygienic where as cotton canvases are cheap and some what unhygienic .

Advantages of PU ( Poly urethane ) conveyors .
  • Hygienic easy to clean or wash
  • Easy to replace
  • Can be manufactured in any colours .Helps in process
  • Joints are easily done in house
  • Better for metal detection
  • No major expansion or shrinkage's

Disadvantages of PU belts

  • Costly
  • Fails at times to carry products ( less friction )
  • Problem on Oily substance
  • Surface Cracking common .Entire belt has to be changed
  • FDA approved belt are not readily available

Advantage Cotton belts

  • Easy availability .
  • Can be procured in bulk
  • Cheaper alternative to PU
  • Repairs can be done easily
  • Provides impressions on products
  • Carry all kind s of products due to its rough surface
  • Few operations cotton webs are irreplaceable

Disadvantages of Cotton Belts

To be replaced in short period as it becomes unhygienic easily

  • Joints and sides are to be stitched regularly. Repairs are common
  • Could not be washed or cleaned . it has to be replaced after certain period
  • Expansion and shrinkage's are erratic some times
  • Web tracking is very common due to elongation and contraction
  • metal detection is less on cotton belt surface

A bakery manager has to select the best option keeping in the view the cost , the products senstivity and quality .


  1. Id much prefer Pu conveyors over cotton and dont mind paying extra as its worth it in the long run

  2. I'm currently studying and researching conveyors garment conveyors, belt conveyors and floor conveyors right now and this really helped me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. But are Pu conveyors really what they are cracked up to be or are they a waste of money. I'm not convinced.


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