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Various Packing formats for biscuit packaging

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Biscuit manufacturers have many formats to pack biscuit for the consumer . Biscuit packs are launched into market taking into the view various factor like pack for which group , family view , promotion or festivals,on the move pack s etc

Following are few popular packing formats for biscuit s

  • Jumbo Pack or Family packs-As the name suggest these packs have more grammage eg more than 250 gms to 850 gms. Best suited for house wife who prefers to buy in bulk

  • Tikki or mini pack-These are reverse of Family pack . It consists of 3-4 biscuit in a pack .These have been popular with retailers as they can pass on this with other items in lieu of change

  • Slug or single pack -Normal pack and popular with 100 gms and 150 gm s of biscuit for a single day stock for an individual.popular with School or College going kids .

  • Assorted pack-These mostly offered during festival or with some sales promotion it consists of different varieties biscuit in one pack from a single manufacturer.

  • Multipack-Many packs in large pack similar to Family pack

  • Display box pack-Biscuits are arranged in open box and the over wrapped were packs are visible to consumers

  • Shrink pack -Biscuit packs are placed in normal box and then over wrapped for extra protection

  • Vertical pouch packs -Its a New trend among the biscuit manufacturers as this ideas has been taken from snacks and is used by group of people going for long travel , picnics , outings etc

  • Pile pack-Generally biscuits are packed as pile pack where the biscuits are flat and face towards the base of the packets

  • On the edge pack-Biscuits are packed on the edge ie biscuits are vertical to the base of pack

  • Multi layer pack-Two or three layers of biscuit in same pack generally found in cream biscuits

  • Tray pack-Biscuit are placed in trays and then packed with wrappers .

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