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Get the oil facts right

We find oil or fat in majority of bakery products like biscuits , cookies , bread , cakes , wafers , creams , spreads ,mithai ( sweets) . They all contain trans fat which are bad for health of heart.
These fats .They cause weight gain and excess abdominal fat — both risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. They increase LDL cholesterol, which clogs up arteries, and lower d HDL cholesterol, which would otherwise take HDL cholesterol to the liver where it would be broken down and excreted. Trans fats interfere with metabolism of fats and elevate blood triglyceride levels. If one continues to eat trans fat-rich foods, it sets the stage for a heart attack.
There is no safe limit for trans fats. Some amount of trans fats are found in whole milk and meats but this is too small an amount. Also trans fat found naturally in animal fats is much less harmful than that found in partially hydrogenated oils.
Now manufacturers have started reducing trans fat from their products . You can found Zero trans fat label on most of the manufacturers products .


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