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History of LU brands of cookies and biscuits

LU brand of biscuits are now synonomus with french delicacies .It has long history as the most popular french biscuit brands .LU has been recently associated with Kraft Foods Inc .Earlier to Kraft ,Danone were the owner of LU biscuit.
Here is a brief history to the world famous biscuit brand.
For more than 150 years, the LU brand ( has been synonymouswith some of the world's most delicious cookies. Founded in 1850, LU is one ofthe greatest success stories in the French food industry. Each LU biscuit is awork of art, capturing the elegant design and rich European taste people havecome to expect from LU. LU biscuits' devotion to art and design began in 1850when a French baker named Monsieur LeFevre married Mademoiselle Utile, andtheir blossoming love became a shared passion for baking exquisite biscuits.Each biscuit was considered a work of art, and like all great artists, theyproudly placed their initials, "LU," on each and every biscuit. The design ofthe brand's signature cookie, Le Petit Ecolier, was molded in chocolate fromthe image of "The Little School Boy" by renowned illustrator Firman Bouisset,furthering the brand's history of style and design. In 2007, LU joined KraftFoods and is one of the company's top-selling brands with products availablein 100 countries and revenues exceeding $1 billion globally.
Ref : Kraft Food

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