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How to increase biscuit oven output

Biscuit manufacturers have many options to increase their oven output with few changes in their existing set up . These steps are applicable for big or medium biscuit plants which have traveling ovens .

Following steps can be implemented
Increasing moulders /cutters rows and columns.
Increasing the rows and columns in the moulder or cutter to for better utilisation of oven band surface area .Its has been observe that moulder and cutters does not utilise the entire surface area and margins are left on sides on the oven band .

Increasing the moulder/cutter speed ie low baking time
Temperatures of oven zone can be adjusted so that the baking time is reduced and the speed of band can be increased in tandem with gauge roll and cutter /moulder speed .

Adding additional oven zone ( Increasing the biscuit oven length )
Increasing the oven length is another options where we can increase the output of biscuit plant . This requires oven manufacturers to add another section at delivery end and adjusting cooling conveyors and calculating the packing machines capacities to cater increase in biscuit oven output .If required additional packing machines can be installed .

Installing Radio Frequency Dryers at the delivery end of the biscuit oven .
RF Dryers can be installed at the delivery end which reduces the moisture content of the biscuit coming out from the oven hence allowing operators to increase the oven band speed .

One has to calculate the packing machines capacities to handle these increased output and check whether packing machines can pack these biscuits or not ,If not then additional packing machine can be installed . In semi automatic plants the feeding process of the machine has to be checked whether feeders can handle this increased volumes as this operation is manual.Speeds of biscuit plant are interlinked with each other .Hence one has to see whether speeds can be achieved through adjustment in the frequency drives or other combination of gear box and sprockets are required .

Mixers capacities and Ingredients automation too have to checked whether increase speed matches with mixers capacities .

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