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Salt reduction and fortification with Iodine - A priority for bread manufacturers

Apart from recent debate over folic acid fortification of bread other issue which requires bread manufacturers attention is Salt reduction and fortification of salt with iodine in certain countries

Low salt breads

Salt has been responsible for many heart disease ,hence low salt intake has been recommended by doctors to stay healthy . Ireland food safety authority ( FSAI) has recommended 4g of salt intake a day where as present level Irish people are consuming salt 9.56g of salt per day. Earlier experiments of bread manufacturer to reduce salt was rejected by consumers . Irish government has not made any compulsory reduction of salt level laws .


Iodine fortification of salt .
Bread manufacturer in New Zealand would now have to use Iodized salt in their products as Iodized salts has been made mandatory in New Zealand ( Food Standard Australia New Zealand). Iodine is one of the essential nutrients for body metabolism and thyroid gland can malfunction due to deficiency of Iodine . This results in low intelligence in new born babies and young children.


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