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Vaporizer a critical equipment in LPG Storage tanks for bakeries

Mid size and large bakery division which runs on lpg as fuel have few critical months during winter seasons when temperatures are below 10 deg c . Operations are effected by low pressures of lpg and LPG storage tanks are topped up even with volume of tank being 70-75 % . This is more evident in colder regions . Most of the companies have installed Vaporizer s in their Lpg storage tanks installation . There are cases of production losses due to sudden drop in pressure . Rate of Vaporization is impacted by wetted surface of the tank ie size or the volume of lpg in the tank and ambient temperature .

In summer the liquefied gas converts into gas in faster rate due ambient temperature at higher levels ,hence pressure at burner ends is maintained . Winters brings problem to plant operators as they have to monitor the tank level round the clock and inform the lpg supplier for emergency supply as certain cracker varieties which require s more heat ie when the rate of consumption of lpg in the ovens is higher than the rate of vaporisation then problem starts and burners would trip . Manufacturers are suggested to install vaporizers at their Lpg storage tanks . It would have some initial cost but would save production loss and stress to the materials deptt . One solution is to have larger storage tanks or additional storage tanks but its has its own limitation and blocks money . Here comes advantage of an Vaporizer

Vaporizers helps in following way
  • A Vaporizer is essentially a boiler that does not build pressure.
  • LPG enters the vaporizer as a liquid and exits as a gas.
  • Vaporizers are an integral component in a variety of LPG and propane systems, and are suitable for any number of applications.
  • Vaporizers do not build additional pressure, but provide protection against the refrigeration affect that causes frosting and loss of pressure.
  • Propane retailers benefit from being able to make less frequent, larger volume fills.
  • Using a vaporizer eliminates re-condensation of vapor in the supply lines that can create a hazardous situation.
  • Eliminates tank "freeze-ups" that result in production losses or delays.
  • Vaporizers allow you to utilize 100% of the LP-Gas in your tank/cylinder, decreasing delivery frequency and overall costs.
  • Eliminates heavy ends accumulations in tanks.
  • Provides a constant supply of vapor at temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Eliminates distillation of LPG when vaporizing Propane/Butane mixes.
  • Allows you to significantly increase the capacity of your system without adding additional tanks.

Its highly recommended to install vaporizers at your factory/plant .


  1. Having the right quality of storage tanks and fittings to use as well as excellent service and maintenance are very essential. It is very important that storage tanks should be perfectly sealed and regularly maintained. Keeping it spill-free cuts off unnecessary expenses and accidents. It's good that there are companies who are experienced and experts in this kind of gadgets, maintenance and services.

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