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A visit to a Biscuit Factory

A Day in a Biscuit Factory

Have you ever wondered what goes inside a biscuit factory and how do you get such delicious biscuit made. A visit to biscuit factory has been detailed below in brief so that ones get s an idea of biscuit manufacturing, process and people. Biscuit factory has it own ways, lingo and people who manage the production. I would tell you more about people who are directly involved in the production process or activities on the shop floor.

Premixing area

Operators checks the variety and weighs ingredient as per the recipes waits for mixers operators signals .Once he gets the signal , starts putting up all ingredients manually or in case system is automated he starts the discharge options. Automated additions could be flour , butter , sugar solution , milk , water etc . Food Additives which are in very small quantities are added manually. Pre mixing area have storage tanks, pumps, votators , sifter and in many cases dough truck tilters . Operators has to get the material arranged from the stores for the days production . In case of cracker varieties the preparation s starts as early as 18 – 20 hrs . Gets stocks for sugar , flour ,hvo and other ingredients .Does cleaning operations at the end of the shift .Sifts Flour , Ammonia and Sugar .

Mixing Area

Mixer Operators gets the Ingredients from pre mixing area, cleans the mixer and checks the timers setting on the mixer for mixing process. Gets following material for addition such as biscuit powder from biscuit grinding room and dough in case of any left out in earlier process . Mixing operators does the mixing in stages . Checks the dough consistency , temperature and forwards the dough in a dough truck to tilting device .Operator has to be careful about the quality of flour take certain corrective measures in case he does under mixing or over mixing .

Forming Area

Operator checks the variety of product whether it is a molding variety or cutting variety . Check the cutter or the molder as per variety of the biscuit. Changes the speed and pressure of the molding or cutting as required .Install accessories like milk spray or salt or sugar spray units if required . Adjust speed of forming units like laminator, gauge rolls . Changes conveyors if required. In case of change over from one variety to other he selects the moulder or the cutter and install it on the biscuit production line .Add flour dust to the flour duster in case of sticky dough . Checks the wetness of the cutting web .Drops deformed biscuits . Return scrap dough to the

Baking Area

Oven operators checks the variety and adjust the oven zones temperature , adjusts the dampers as per the requirement .Adjust burner setting as per temperature requirement .

Increase or decrease speed of the traveling oven band as per the requirement . Simultaneously instruct forming section operator to adjust the speed of the forming unit . Drops burnt biscuits . Checks the tracking of oven band, make a note of damaged band area . Important roles comes into picture in case of power failure when he has to get the biscuit trapped in the oven zone out with help of manual arrangement .This is very important as any delay by him can result in fire in the oven .Checks the safety sheets of the oven .Hence oven operator has big role in baking quality of the product .

Packing Area

Packing area can be most populated in case of semi – automatic packaging but for automated area one or two operators are sufficient per machine .Biscuits are fed into feeding chutes manually by feeder s . Packaging operators checks the date , labels and product setting on the packing machine . Checks the wrapper and adjust the setting of the machine . Adjust the speed of the packing machine as per incoming quantity of biscuit. Checks temperature of sealers to avoid any defective packaging .Does the change over of the packing machine as per the product. Then ensure that cartons are taped and then passed on to the finished good ware house.

All operators has been provided with pre formatted form to be filled in . Each section fills these form s to be submitted to the shift supervisors who then send it to the production manager who checks for the data , outputs , break down , wastage etc and log it on the ERP software .

Other functions

Store – Receives and inspect incoming material . Updates stock position, Store these material at predefined place .

Purchase – They are responsible for arranging material for production On request generated by production planning they release orders for vendors to deliver the material on time .

Production planning- Gets sales requirement from sales deptt . Plan production accordingly with taking view of raw material, plants availability, personnel and packing material .

Dispatch- Co ordinate with sales dept and dispatches material to the destination in time .Has to follow up with transporter for dispatches .

Quality team - Responsible for quality of the ingredients , packing material and standards of the process , product and keep monitoring on critical control points , Maintain documents for

Maintenance team - Responsible for break down maintenance and upkeep of the plant and machinery.

Hygiene team - Maintains the hygienic and cleanliness of the factory .

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