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Glucose biscuits market share on slide- Indian story

Glucose biscuits are the mainstay of Indian biscuit industry . Glucose market share was growing at a very low rate but suddenly for the last three years there has been drop in glucose biscuit sale . All three major biscuit manufacturers( ITC ,Parle , Britannia ) has started re jigging their product mix ( SKU s ) in favour of premium biscuit against glucose biscuit .The Glucose share is almost 50% of the total biscuit market share .Rest are other varieties like cream , crackers , snacks ,digestive, marie ,nice ,wafers etc

"Parle-G, which contributed to more than 70% of Parle’s revenues a couple of years ago, now accounts for 60-65%. According to a report released last month by Motilal Oswal, contribution of the glucose segment to ITC Foods’ revenue has come down from 56% in 2007-08 to 48% in 2008-09. Britannia’s largest brand Tiger yields just over 20% of the company’s revenue."
Ref : ET .

The ever increasing Indian middle class are now experimenting different categories of cookies /biscuits at premium range .Tapping this market Britannia , ITC , Parle all have come up with their own product . such as Britannia s Nutrichoice , Parles Hide and seek bourbon biscuit . The Genius of Parle G is waning .

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