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Shrink wrap packaging for bakery products

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Shrink wrap is a popular method of packaging among bakery manufacturers as more of private label customers prefer this kind of packaging . It based of the principle where poly film is heated and allowed to cool thus the film acquires the shape of the pack through shrinkage
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Shrink wrap are commonly used for over wrapping Cartons and Display boxes ,normally of small sizes .Display boxes are the most used in the bakery industry for shrink wrap application . Consumers gets clear view of product in this kind of packaging .

Shrink wrapping machine consists of . Heat tunnels or ovens, Heat guns, L-Sealers, and Shrink Chambers are used for large items. There are also Manual shrink wrap machines that characterize for being portable, light weight, built to last, and a cost-efficient option for low to moderate production lines.

Other items such as cartons , beverages bottles , cans and small pallets are shrink wrapped .

Major advantage with shrink wrapping
  • It helps unitizing i.e. keeping products in a compact form .
  • Keeps box and product clean
  • Consumers can views products
  • Convince to consumers in handling
  • Helping in palletization
  • Extra protection
Common shrink wrap films are Polyolefin other material is PVC. Key properties of shrink wrappers are thickness,shrink, sealability, optics, toughness and slip . Shrink films can be produced in way where it can shrink only in one direction unidirectional and both ways bidirectional.


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