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What are standards for use of egg in bakery products

Its interesting to note that we find different rules for different countries regarding use of non sterilised egg liquid . Egg liquids are used in number of bakery products such as breads , cookies ,cakes . Eggs can be cause of infection if their bacterial count is more than the standards .An Interesting debate has cropped up in South Korea on use of non sterilised egg liquid .Eggs yolk is rich source for Vitamins A,D,E , Folic acid ,biotin and choline. Egg liquid also acts as a leavening agent for bakery products and provides that special flavour which we are used to fore those speciality cakes.
Food technologist argument is that the food can be contaminated and can have bacterias like Salmonella .Where as Egg liquid manufacturers counters this by the fact that the cost of sterilising the egg liquid it too expensive and bakeries prefer to use non sterilised/pasteurised egg liquid as the process is such that these germs are eliminated during baking .

Eggs are used commercially in bakeries as Eggs in shell , Eggs in refrigerated liquid form , Egg dried powder.Few countries have stipulated that the all egg products to be pasteurised prior to use at 140degF for at least for 3.5 minutes .Other Important standards followed is the bacterial count for egg liquid which is limited to 10000 viable bacteria per gram and for egg white frozen it is 50000 viable bacteria per gram .In addition to bacteria limit for yeast ,molds and coliforms to be less than 10 per gram .
Countries like USA has banned non sterilised egg for food processing industry , where as Japan has sets standards by bacterial count .

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  1. I want to know the HACCP plans and quality control procedures being implemented in the production of soda crackers and cookies


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