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E- Commerce a new tool for bakeries to save cost and build profits-Popular retail brands of bakery in China

Bakeries all over world are adopting e -commerce as new business strategies to get more sales , quick service , 24x7 operations .With time becoming precious entity in city daily routine more and more people are turning on to online orders for their food stuff requirement which includes bakery products such as cookies , cakes , biscuit and bread.
A recent article in china daily which highlights the popularity of online shops in China for popular bakeries cafes . Popular bakeries like Ebeecake, Waffle boy and 21 Cake all have gone for online stores for their bakery product .People find doing online business is economical and less time consuming .
Traditional bakery retail chain majors like Holiland , Weiduomei , Bread Talk and Paris Baguette are adopting different strategies for growth and sales .
Holiland has chosen the franchise path to open more than 1000 retail cafes.
Weiduomei has turned to western -style bakery cafe.
Bread Talk is focusing on gaining a foothold in high-end shopping malls and office buildings, reinforcing its niche image.

Chinese bakery market is growing with 20% rate year to year basis.Western-style bread and cakes have become daily necessities for many urban consumers in China . Competitive land scape has made bakeries to adopt different strategies in market .
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