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Oil Spray unit for biscuit production line

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Biscuit production line for crackers and other varieties which have oil on the top surface requires additional equipment called Oil Spray Unit .Oil gets deposited on the baked product by oil spray unit .These Oil spray units are installed after the delivery end of the oven . This kind of Crackers have gained popularity as consumers are now asking for crackers which are baked over crackers which are fried.

These Oil spray are used for cracker biscuit s ,hence if planning for cracker variety need to have this Oil spray unit . It can be of portable in nature or wheels are provided on the platform on which this oil spray rest .

Basic Principle

Oil spray works on principle of mist formation due to high rotation of Disc .Number of spinning disc varies as per the width of conveyor . Oil spray unit can have sets of 2 ,3 or 4 spinning disc . These disc are directly coupled to motor s . Oil is imparted on these disc through nozzle and oil are pumped through pu tubes to the Spinning disc.Uniformity of spray or oil deposition can be checked

Baked biscuit which passes the Oil spray unit on stripper conveyor .Excess oil is collected and returned to the reservoir tank.General body is made up stainless steel .

Major problem occurs during winter seasons in case of intermittent production of Crackers the oil freezes and chokes pu tube s and these have to be heated to melt the solid fat in these tubes .

Parts of Oil Spray Unit

  • Storage Tank

  • Reservoir tank( Insulated )

  • Valve to monitor the flow

  • Pump

  • Filter

  • Nozzles

  • Spinning Disc

  • Motors

Most popular Oil spray manufacturer is Arcall.

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  1. is there any other mechanism involved in post baking oil spraying units???


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