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Air Pollution and emission norms in bakeries

Even though Bakery Industry is a low polluting industry but for the ovens , boilers ,hot water generators ,DG sets they all come under the Air pollution act due to emission of flue gases through stack . Acts prescribes limits on the emission and stack height and in addition to it covers noise pollution with it .Various countries have different values . We would cover Indian Standards.

Bigger plants with more than two or three production line of Bread or Biscuit ovens with six or seven zones can emit considerable amount of flue gases which consists of carbon monoxides, Sulphur Oxides ,Nitrogen oxides which are dangerous for health and if not monitored can result in polluting neighbourhood .

Emission limits and stack parameter as per the Act .CPCB ( Central Pollution Control Board) national air ambient quality
Stack Height = 15meter or more

Air pollution can be minimised with following steps

  • Use flue gas analyser for stack monitoring in regular intervals

  • Do regular burner maintenance

  • Substitute if possible diesel oil to LPG or Natural Gas

  • Use high pressure monoblock burners

  • Get low sulphur diesel oil

Noise Pollution can be controlled by following steps

Safe limit prescribed in Act is 70 db in night time and 75 db in day time as CPCB standards

  • Monitor noise through decibel meter .

  • DG set room to be to be lined with acoustic lining

  • Maintain equipment with maintenance schedule s

  • Use equipments with enclosure

  • Use screw compressors instead of reciprocating compressor

  • Silencers in stack for DG Sets.

  • Put anti - vibration pad where ever possible for machinery .

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