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Indian market ready for new bakery products

Indian middle class is lapping   bakery products like never before let it be traditional products like Cakes Breads ,Buns , Biscuits , Cookies,Rusk  and Wafers . Now few bakery products have been  in  high demand  such  as Crackers , Pasta ,Pizza s and Burgers .Foreign Bakery chains are opening base in all major metros of  India  with new products.
Indian markets is now ready for few products which has been popular in western world such as

indian  bakery industry

Cupcakes and Muffins
Cupcakes are rage in USA .Be it any celebrations or party times people are buying cupcakes in bulk . Cupcakes and Muffins  are now being manufactured  by Monginis  on national scale .  Few local players such as Harvest gold  are  producing Muffins /cupcakes .

Donuts ,Waffles and Bagels are popular in countries like USA ,UK and Western Europe .Now Indian bakers have started  producing  them in select bakery chains

Organic Breads/Gluten free bread
Health  conscious people  in western countries have graduated to more healthier version of baked goods such as gluten free bread and organic breads made from organic ingredients free from any chemicals

Swiss rolls/Cream Rolls
Other popular variety which are popular in western world  are  Swiss rolls  and cream rolls  .Britannia did tried to launch this product way back in year 1996 but discontinued .

Whole grain Digestive Biscuits
Whole grain digestive biscuits are made by  all major biscuit manufacturers in India .As people are  turning to healthier biscuits

Cream Pie s
Pies  which are  mostly imported  from Malaysia,South Korea and Phillipines  are liked by Indian consumers and  Chocolate pies can be seen on all major supermarkets .

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