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Albany South Africa 's Most Popular Bread


Albany breads  are most popular bread in South Africa owned by Tiger Group .Albany has by far the biggest share of the country’s national bread market, with 12 major bread plants producing the Albany Superior, Olde Cape, D’light and Everyday ranges.Albany breads now claims to have oxy- bio packaging which is bio degradable .

Albany bread varieites

  • Albany Superior White Bread
  • Albany Superior Brown Bread
  • Albany Superior Brown Seed Bread (Low GI) Albany Superior Best of Both Bread
  • Albany Superior Wholewheat Bread Albany Superior Hi Top White Bread
  • Albany Superior White Low GI Bread for
  • Sustained Energy Albany Superior 100% Smooth Wholegrain

The Olde Cape range is fresh and tasty, packed with the wholesome goodness that nature provides.

  • Albany Olde Cape Brown Seed Bread
  • Low GI Brown Seed Bread
  • Albany Olde Cape Wholegrain Brown Bread
  • Albany Olde Cape Muesli and Fruit Loaf

Major competitor are  Sasko   and Blue Ribbon


During the 1970’s and 80’s, Tiger Oats and National Milling Co took over a number of independent bakeries to create “Albany Bakeries”. In 1983 Albany Germiston was completed, this was the biggest bakery in the country at that time and represented 20% of the baking industry in South Africa.

The Albany Brand has been around for approx 30 years. For many of these years the industry it competed in was regulated, which meant that: Each Bakery had their own allocated quota of products which they had to produce; punitive measures were in place if they under or over supplied; prices were fixed by the government; there was no differentiation, poor quality and no innovation in the market.

In 1991, the industry was de-regulated and the market became fiercely competitive with price being the main weapon used between competitors. This eroded the profitability within the industry and created a commodity market.

In 2000, Albany underwent some drastic changes in order to ensure the continuation of the brand. The key area of change was to reduce the number of bakeries around the country and install state of the art production equipment in order to launch the Albany Superior range.

This range offered superior quality which encompassed freshness, longer shelf life and whiter “white” bread. This innovation turned the market on its head and ensured the continued growth of the brand as well as the market.

In 2003/2004 the company once again brought innovation to the market by launching the Best of Both bread. The company understood that children loved white bread and wouldn’t eat brown or wholewheat bread, which parents wanted them to eat for the added health benefits (essentially the fibre levels).

Source : www.tigerbrands.co.za

Major Brands Of Bread In SA

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    Could you inform me as to what type of water is used for baking your bread. Do you use a good filter for your water or do you use the company water? It is important that you show on your site the type of treatment that you use on your water.
    Thank you.

  2. Best options for all bakeries around is to get the water sample used in process approved by lab for standards maintained by govt for potable water .

    In additions to that filters can prevent any foreign bodies or impurities coming into process water.

  3. Complaint recd from consumer against Albany Breads

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Basil Biljon.

    I always purchase Albany bread and have always been more than satisfied with the product.

    Unfortunately, I purchased 2 loaves at Umkomaas spar.

    I have decided to bring the following to your attention. The bread has holes in them!

    Please find attached photos of problems I have found.

    All the best,
    Basil Warren Biljon

    Hope QC Deptt of Albany would take effective steps to eliminate this complaint

  4. Albany Olde Cape Muesli and Fruit Loaf - please where can we find this loaf in Cape Town- Western Cape - Southern Suburbs- Used to find it at Spar Pinelands but they apparently no longer stock it.

  5. Hi I am from chatsworth and usually buy the albany white for 3 of the family members, and the brown low GI for 2 of us. We usualy enjoy the bread, however i noticed that the last 2 loaves purchased from shoprite Checkers chatsworth had turned green before the expiry date printed on the packaging. The first I noticed in time, but the 2nd I only noticed whilst I was eating. this happened on the 28th October and the expiry date was 29th October. I found This extremely dissapointing as I am the sole breadwinner of the family. I eat the low GI bread due to the fact that I am on a special diet and I am diebetic.

    I am now dubious about buying the Low GI bread, and have had to resort to eating the white.

    Please check into this, as I am not sure what the problem was

    S. Govender

  6. Dear Sir I would like to know why you have taken the low GI Health bread Brown off thw market it is the only bread I can eat the others effect my IBS,and it was R8.95 now I have to buy the new Rooibos &Rye brown bread which cost R13.95 what is happening we as Pensioners can bearly live with everything going up why do you take a bread off the market and put one in its place which costs so much. Why can you not just leave the other bread why remove it. Is the game to just make money and not to care for the clients that are buying your products. My Mother would turn in her grave if she new we had to pay R13.95 for brown bread which was the cheapest in her days. Thank you and I hope I receive a reply to this letter.
    L Steyl Tableview
    24 November 2011

  7. It would appear that it is not only the Low GI Health Bread that has been taken off the market. The similarly priced Old Cape Wholegrain has also been removed. I personally detest Rooibos in any form and was recently forced to buy this far from suitable alternative.

    After the recent bread price debacle, one would a company like Albany and Tiger Brands to make some effort to satisfy its customers but this is clearly not the case.

    Your marketers are out of touch with the customer if you believe that we are so stupid as not to notice when you summarily take away a brand that we have been using for years to replace it with a more expensive and less appetizing alternative.

  8. Bonjour,
    où du pain Albany en France ? Merci.

  9. Bonjour,
    oùpain Albany en France ? Merci.

  10. Hi Albany, buying a Best-of-both loaf of Albany and finding a large husk in the centre brings to memory industrial sabotage commited against Atlas and Quinns bakeries years ago and I would encourage the bakery to install anti-sabotage measures to ensure deliberate introduction of unfiltered or unsieved matter from the dough.

  11. May I report unethical behavior at Pick&Pay Hypermarket Princess Crossing: The top row of bread where Albany Best-of-Both bread is displayed is always packed with Sasko bread having the same coloured packaging. I'm sure many shoppers think they are taking Albany bread only to find they've ended up with Sasko. This could be the packers under instruction but Albany is losing out.

  12. Good Day

    Hi sorry for writing this late I have a complaint to submit to you, I bought a loaf of brown bread on sunday which had a best before date of today. Now the problem is on my knowledge i am suppose to eat the bread today as well but couldn't because it has moulds on it already i am confused on how such thing can happen. How many days should one consume a loaf of bread if the expiry date was on the 13 th and you bought the bread on the 11th.



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