". Bakery Industry: Britannia Experiments With Chocolate Bars Launches Treat Choco Decker

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Britannia Experiments With Chocolate Bars Launches Treat Choco Decker

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Britannia Industries Limited has introduced Treat Choco Decker. The product has chocolate, biscuit and jam. The product is available in tow variants of Choco and Jello. The product is priced at Rs. 5 and Rs. 10.

Britannia is trying to test choco bar market and has come in competition with Nestle and Cadburys choco bar s

The company has launched Britannia in 2002 which has proved to be an all time favourite of kids. The range of Treat biscuits included Treat Jim Jam , Treat Choco Treat or Treat in flavors such as Elaichi or the fruit flavored creams such as Orange, Pineapple, Mango, and Strawberry.

According to Ms Shalini Degan, Category Director, Delight & Lifestyle, Britannia Industries said that the brand is designed to cater to the children’s craving for chocolate.

The biscuit major according to the AC Neilsen report, Britannia has market share of around 35 percent in 2008-09. The key brands of the company are Tiger, Good Day, Marie Gold, 50-50, Milk Bikis, Treat and NutriChoice. It has led the market with several differentiated brands like NutriChoice Digestive, GoodDay Classic Cookies, Tiger Banana and NutriChoice 5Grain.

According to market sources, the biscuit market in w:st="on"India is estimated between Rs. 3,000 crore and Rs. 4,000 crore. Leading players are ITC with Sunfeast, Parle and Surya Food & Agro Limited (SFAL), makers of “PriyaGold. India is the third largest biscuit maker in the world after US and China.

Source : http://www.fnbnews.com/

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