". Bakery Industry: United Biscuits To Use rPET Trays For Its Product

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United Biscuits To Use rPET Trays For Its Product

Major food processing manufacturers along with bakery manufacturers are looking out for reducing packaging waste to environment .One of the method is to recycle packaging material . Bakery products requires BOPP , HDPE  , LDPE and  cartons in huge quantities  cartons have been successfully recycled and used by bakery manufacturers .But for laminates and wrapper we are still to have  recyclers in many countries . Once the technology is developed  we hope that all bakery products packaging material would be of recycled   material . UB  initiatives are  commendable

Excerpts from foodproductiondaily

United Biscuits is aiming to switch to rPET for all its thermoformed trays by the end of 2010 in a bid to scale up the amount of recycled packaging in its range.


In an exclusive interview on packaging policy at the company, Barry Pamplin, European packaging technology controller at United Biscuits told this publication that, in terms of availability of supply of recycled material, the firm can now rely on UK suppliers for the projected recycled polyethylene (rPET) take up in its trays.

But he cautioned that the company’s usage of the material is minimal – 1,000 tonnes – in comparison to what a soft drink maker would require to cover a range.

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