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Flow Diagram For Bulk Fat Handling Sytem In Bakery

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Fat handling system is installed in large bakeries producing higher volumes of bakery products . Fat being one of the major ingredient for bakery products is procured in bulk for cost advantage . This bulk procurement leads to storage problem .As per nature of fat which has low melting point needs to be stored in cold storage if bought in bag on boxes . To solve this and to have cost advantage in terms of loading and unloading of boxes or drum companies have installed fat bulk handling system .Similar to what we discussed earlier in Bulk Flour handling system .

Main component of any fat handling system are

Storage tank : Storage tank could be of S.s or M.s with man hole ,insulation and inlet and outlet for fat

Loading or unloading pumps - These pumps are special lobe pumps which can handle viscous fluid and unload fat from tankers

Insulation - Required during winter when temperature are low

Heat tracing - Additional heating facility in areas where temperature s goes down during extreme winter

Transferring pump - Pump to transfer fat from storage tank to mixing section

Temperature Controllers and Indicator - Instruments to control temperature of fat inside the storage tanks as higher temperatures can make fat rancid .


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