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Pepperidge Farm Inc To Reduce Salt In Bakery Products

After number of  American food companies  such as  Pepsico , Kraft , General Mills Inc and Bumble Bee foods  taking  initiatives for salt reduction  in their product  ,Pepperidge Farm Inc joins this club by declaring its plans to reduce sodium in its 69 products by 10- 33%.Higher Level of salts  in food are responsible of  many heart related ailments

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Pepperidge Farm Inc. says it will cut the sodium levels in the majority its breads, rolls and bagels by 2011, making it the latest of many food makers to respond to demands for healthier products.
The company, owned by Campbell Soup Co., said the reductions will ultimately result in sodium levels 10 to 33 percent lower in 69 of its U.S. bakery products.
Health experts say Americans eat too much salt and the vast majority is from processed food. That excess is dangerous because sodium can contribute to high blood pressure, which can lead to stroke, kidney disease, heart disease or heart failure.
The issue has become so pressing that the Institute of Medicine issued a report in April that urged the federal government to limit salt allowed in food.
Pepperidge Farm said it has already begun some of the reductions, such as cutting sodium in its original white bread from 225 milligrams per slice to 150 milligrams last year.
Based on positive response to those changes and growing consumer demand, the company said it decided to aim to lower sodium levels 80 percent of its products by February 2011.

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