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Baker Perkins New Allergen Free Production Line

New ranges of cookie and cracker processing machinery offering improved standards of hygiene are being launched by Baker Perkins at IBIE .    The show also marks the introduction of the Baker Perkins range of HS mixers into the North American market.
The three machines on show – rotary moulder, wirecut and rotary cutter – are representative of the Baker Perkins range of forming equipment, which has been completely re-engineered to meet rising sanitation requirements in the industry
Three levels of sanitation are available for every machine in the Baker Perkins dough forming range with the level of sanitation chosen dependent on the specific cross-contamination risk and sanitation regime in each factory. All levels meet the standards set by industry bodies such as GMA and BEMA and the choice enables customers to achieve the blend of sanitation, productivity and cost that is the most appropriate for their particular operation.
Baker Perkins has been balancing the twin demands of best practice in hygienic design with improvements in operational efficiency for 30 years.   The three machines on show at IBIE retain all the best-in-class process parameters and benefits of precise weight control, efficiency, performance, and ease of use and maintenance of previous generation equipment.
The main objective of enhanced sanitation is to eliminate any risk to consumers from cross contamination. Usually this means allergens and pathogens but the same high standards are required by customers making Kosher, organic or GMO-free products.
Sanitation level one is designed for dry or wet cloth cleaning, in situations where there are no cross-contamination issues.
Level two is for low pressure wet or chemical cleaning, in plants where there is potential for cross-contamination onto food product surfaces, or in the product zone.
The third level is designed for high-pressure wet, steam or chemical cleaning when a high risk of cross contamination exists, particularly post-baking.   This level may involve component removal without the need for tools for cleaning away from the production environment.
Three important principles form the basis of this re-design: reducing any accumulation of unwanted materials; improving visibility and access for cleaning; and simplifying the removal and replacement of components.

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