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Indian Bakeries Opting For Solar Energy

With  cost of  fuel and power   increasing day by day  Indian bakeries  are looking for alternative  energy  solutions to cut down their fuel as well as electric energy  cost . Fuels used in bakeries are LDO /HSD/CNG/LPG/Furnace Oil /Electricity .

All bakeries requires hot water to clean the utensils used in production process as fat is a major ingredients in bakery product .Utilities run on these fuel  for  heating water  are  Hot water generators , Boilers or Hot water geysers .  Even at large bakeries the employees canteen consumes large amount of  hot water for  utensil cleaning . Solar water heating  gives these bakery an alternative source energy  for heating water and  reducing cost of fuel .Temperature attained for such applications could be between 55deg C - 60 deg C

The payback period for such investment  could be something between 18 -24 months depending upon the consumption .Many companies like Britannia has installed solar water heating  system  for its  hot water requirement .The most popular supplier of such system is  Tata -BP  Solar India Ltd .

Other application for usage of  solar energy  for the larger bakeries have been  the  lighting   around  the factory  through photo voltaic s cells .

Major advantage of solar energy are

  • Lower maintenance cost 
  • Clean environment 
  • Available in abundance  all around the year excepts for some region 
  • Save energy cost  by reducing either fuel or electricity cost . 
  • No storage space required for  fuel .No logistics 

Here is a line diagram for  such arrangement

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  1. This will incredibly help you in your bills. You can now save much more by just installing solar panels in your home and save on your electric bills.


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