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Sri lankan Bakers In Trouble Over Government Policy On Wheat Based Products

We have been  getting news from  Sri lanka  on  its  govt  ridiculous  stand on wheat  based products . Sri  lankan government has  launched drive to  discourage  public institution from serving wheat based products  under pressure from local rice traders and farmers.The  government  has reimposed  an import  tax 15% on imported  wheat  to reduce  consumption  of flour  and support  rice prices  as reported by UN food and Agricultural Organisation.


In recent days it has been banning wheat products from various public institutions.
Nationalistic elements of the governing coalition even speak of "wheat terrorism".
Wheat products enjoy great popularity in Sri lanka - whether it is the rotis, widely eaten with curry, or breads, cakes and savoury pastries which are common here.Now, though, wheat products have been removed from government hospitals, govt prisons and fast foods - many made of wheat - have been banned from schools.
The government has also slashed a subsidy it used to apply to the wheat price.
It says this is because wheat is a foreign import, alien to an essentially rice-eating society and costly for its economy.Bread prices  have been increased  four times . Which makes buying bread  difficult  for lower income group population.

All Ceylon Bakery Owners' Association President NK Jayawardena, told the Colombo-based Sunday Times newspaper that hundreds of people who depended on the bakery industry, including bakers, have lost their jobs.

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Here are few question one should ask this government 

Would government of  Srilanka ban Ceylon Biscuit Ltd products or Maliban biscuits ?
Biscuits and Breads are cheapest source of  staple food for millions  what are alternative foods ?
You cannot  have bakery products in volumes from rice flour .Its economically not feasible
Where would these  un employed worker  go?
What  would  happen  to  bakery industry  in  Sri lanka ?

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