". Bakery Industry: Wiesheu Dibas 64 Oven Wins Prestigious International Forum Design Award 2011

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Wiesheu Dibas 64 Oven Wins Prestigious International Forum Design Award 2011

International  design forum ( IF  ) conducted by IF GmbH has  given Weisheu  Dibas 64 convection for  best design in product design category  for year 2011. IF  awards  are given to best design in product categories  for engineering , architecture and  other categories .

Wiesheu  ovens  are  popular ovens  in European market mainly in smaller bakery  category . Its German design and features makes it s  leading oven for bakeries . Unique  features of Dibas 64 that  it is the only baking oven in the world with the door disappearing into the oven casing at the side and furthermore convinces with its elegant, clear and timeless design unique in the industry.

With features like   double glass doors , removable racks ,halogen bulbs and complete S.S constructions  with  compact modular design makes it perfect for smaller bakeries .

The baking oven Dibas 64 in all its three sizes is a visual highlight in every store and perfectly emphasises the surrounding store concept and baking competence ( source : www.worldbakers.com)

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