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Cookies - It Has To Be From Kookie Jar In Kolkata

Such  is the craze and popularity  of  baked products  from Kookie Jar in Kolkata . Started in 1985  by  young women entrepreneur  Ms Lovey Burman  This bakery clientele  has people  for  across the globe . Ask  Kolkatians  for bakery products and they would swear by KJ  the new name for Kookie Jar .

Product range from delicious pastries , tart , cookies ,pizza ,cakes and breads  all  made from best of ingredients with innovative and creative design s . With demand for its product surging  KJ has now installed a 10000 sqft  with state of the art facility  which would cater for the  volumes.

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 Its  KJ  unique flavour  and superior  quality  products  which  makes them  class apart from rest of the bakeries in th city . Recently  Kookie Jar  celebrated its 25th Birth Anniversary   at its  old small pastry shop Rawdon street ,Kolkata ,Thus  KJ  has marked its place in Indian pastry and  bakery industry

  So  Visit  Kookie Jar  whenever you are in Kolkata

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