". Bakery Industry: Nestle Launches Aero Chocolate Biscuits In UK & Ireland

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Nestle Launches Aero Chocolate Biscuits In UK & Ireland

 Aero chocolate biscuit , Nestle aero chocolate biscuit
pic courtesy - Nestle
Nestle  world  No-1  food manufacturing   conglomerate  has launched an innovative product named Aero  in UK and Ireland . It contains chocolate with  round biscuit  thus giving  consumers  a unique taste of both . Its quite different from popular chocolate enrobed  wafer biscuits  One of the world popular Nestle  chocolate  wafer biscuits brand  is KIT KAT .

A report
Nestlé’s Aero chocolate bar brand has launched its first ever biscuit in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Aero Biscuit, which combines the iconic brand’s air-bubble filled chocolate with round pieces of biscuit, is aimed particularly at women aged from 25 to 44.

Graham Walker, Trade Communications Manager for Nestlé UK, explained the significance of the new Aero addition.

He said: “Aero Biscuit will bring consumers who currently buy chocolate confectionery into the biscuit category.

“The great combination of Aero bubbly chocolate and crunchy biscuit bubbles makes it ideal for consumers looking for a sweet snack
 Aero  biscuits are marketed by Nestle  in  Brazil by the name Suflair , Netherland Bros  and in Hungary    as Boci

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