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Microbiological Hand Swab Reports For Your Workers

Food  Handlers  in bakeries  are supposed   to under go Hand swab test  in regular  intervals   to ensure that  the food which comes in contact with these workers  are not contaminated  with  bacteria . This  is  also mandatory  for  food  manufacturing units  under ISO 22000 or  HACCP certification .

This  test  also reflects the unit's  hand washing  , personeel hygiene training effectiveness . Most of  the bakeries  have  hand washing dispenser installed at  various exit and entry points  as per their  worker strength alongwith some anti bacterial soap  solution and driers  . Regular training are imparted to  make worker  learn the importance of  hand washing in making bakery product  contamination  free . Swabs from machinery could also be sent alongwith these samples for  the report .

They  are several  NABL approved labs which conducts these  test and give reports  against small fee. These  swabs test  sample  are collected  to determine  the presence of  microbes  on food handler  hands .

Microbes  investigated  are

ESCHERICHIA  COLI   Ref IS : 5887 ( part i  1976)

STAPHYLOCOCCUS  SUREUS       Ref  IS  : 5887 ( part ii )

SALMONELLA     Ref  IS : 5887 ( part iii )



B. CERUS     - Ref IS : 5887 ( part vi )

Ref  be made to BIS  standards for  minimum quantity permissible  for bacteria mentioned  above in  hand  swabs  .Absence of these harmful bacterial  would be the best  results for the bakeries .


  1. Thanks for sharing this post about the swab testing for microbiological testing......
    Swab test is provided to determine conformity with the specifications given in the individual monograph / specifications. Swab analyze is the keeping track of count of aerobic viruses, yeasts and molds on any surface.

    For more information about this just visit our website link at:

  2. i just want to know if you have any microbiological limits for these handswabs an if there is , What guidelines do you follow?. please kindly send the information to my mailbox,

    i would appreciate your response


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