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Cremica Twin Cream Biscuit

cremica twin biscuit , mrs bector food specialities , cream biscuits in india
Cremica  one of the leading  regional  brand of  biscuit  in India from Mrs Bector Foods  have launched dual cream variety.  Cream segment of biscuits have witnessed the highest growth in biscuit  category . All major brands of biscuits are  re -jigging  their  cream biscuit  product mix  .We have seen numerous launches from Britannia , ITC and Parle in  recent months . Market of cream biscuits   has also drawn attention of   foreign players  such as  United Biscuits and Oreo .

Sveba Dahlen V series Rack Oven

Sveba Dahlen are one of the major  European Bakery equipment manufacturers  . One of the major  product from their  inventory of products is V series Rack oven

Shakti Bhog's Brown Marie

Shakti Bhog Brown Marie , Divss Brow Marie , Brown Marie biscuit , Divss

Shakti Bhog Brown Marie , Divss Brow Marie , Brown Marie biscuit , Divss
Shakti  Bhog  India's leading food processsing co  with  popular brand like  Shakti Bhog Atta  has been  trying  to get  into biscuit segment through its  Divss  brand  and have been launching  all different categories of biscuit on regular interval from cream biscuits  to glucose biscuit . Its has now launched  Marie biscuit with name " Brown Marie " . Competition comes from Britannia , ITC , Parle and United Biscuits .

Parle JAM-IN Competes With JIM JAM Of Britannia

Parle jam in biscuit , Parle Jam in , Jam in , Parle biscuits
Parle has launched  a  JIM IN  to compete with  Britannia s popular  JIM  JAM  biscuit

Britannia Revamps Packaging For Tiger Glucose Biscuit

glucose biscuit , tiger biscuit , britannia tiger , britannia tiger biscuit

glucose biscuit , tiger biscuit , britannia tiger , britannia tiger biscuit
Britannia  has revamped its packaging for  tiger glucose biscuits  to attract consumers  . Earlier tiger packs used to have  the sprinting tiger on its pack . Britannia 's  Tiger has not  be able  to  make significant inroads in the glucose biscuit segment  which is dominated  by its  rival Parle  and brand Parle -G .

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