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How Do We Calculate Biscuit Plant Output

When ever people think of putting up  a new biscuit plant  , the first question which come s in mind is the plant output or  capacity . This  is important for  design and  project  of new biscuit plant .Unit could be tons /hr or kg /hr of  production . Biscuit output  is required for  material planning and plant specifications .

There  different methods  to calculate  biscuit plant output  as mentioned below

a .  Baking time   x  with  rows x columns  in  one minute from cutter /molder  rpm. moulder and cutter have dies or cups  as per biscuit shape and size .

b.   Oven  band surface  area  x baking time of biscuit oven .( tunnel oven )
Oven length and width depends upon  the volume of biscuit to be produced 

On the basis of capacity ,  Mixers  and Packing machine  are  selected  for line  balancing

c.   Mixing  time with   batch size processed in  unit  time
d.   Number of packing machine  used to pack with  packet per minute  for calculation .

Oven capacity (lbs/hr) = R x N x L 1/C x60/T
R = rows of goods per foot of band length
N = rows of goods across the band width
L = baking chamber length in ft.
C = count of baked biscuits per lb.
T = baking time in mins.maximum baked size of the coojie

To determine N & R.
Let W = actual product width in inches
D = maximum baked size of the cookie
S = spacing from centre to centre of adjacent rows
X = clear band space at each edge
Then, W = ( N x S ) - S + D +2X
or, N = W + S - D - 2X / S and R + 12 / S
Capacities of other machinery prior to the oven can be referenced to the oven capacity
Published May 1967 Cookie & Cracker Technology
Samual A Matz and Theresa D Matz


  1. Dear Sir,
    I need a worked example of biscuit plant oven capacity calculation.
    My company is only using R.P.M *no of rows of cup*no of column of cup*60*24*weight of 1 piece of biscuit/1000000.
    Length of the oven, baking time, spacing btw biscuit piece and other parameters are not considered.

  2. I think most of the biscuit manufacturers use above mentioned method to calculate oven out put

  3. Sir i need rpm caculation based on moulder rpm with gearbox for example my moulder running 867 rpm /gearbox ratio calculation. my moulser gear box ratio 34.3 motor 9.2 kw drive roler ratio 22.17


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