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Why Fortify Flour


Flour based foods are essential part of the diet for several millions of people worldwide. Their combined nature contributes energy, protein, minerals and other macro and micronutrients. Flour is considered the best carrier for supplements or fortification that is needed to replace deficiencies in diets. Fortification is the addition of nutrients at higher levels than naturally occur or the addition of nutrients that are not typically present in the natural form. It has become an important topic in the milling industry in recent years. 
Flour fortification is implemented in many regions as an adequate and cost-effective method in providing significant vitamins and minerals that are under-consumed by an immense preponderance of the public. For this reason, there is a big and growing demand for vitamin and mineral premixes for flour fortification and offering the right balance of the right nutrients is more important than ever before. So as to improve the nutritional quality of the food supply and provide a public health benefit with minimal risk to health we are providing the safest and most flexible nutritional solutions for flour fortification.
How Does Flour fortification Work?
1.It is an efficient, simple and inexpensive strategy for supplying vitamins and minerals to the diets.
2.It is made by supplementing nutrients in a surplus of volumes lost during milling or combined to enhance its nutritious value.
3.It helps children develop, strengthens immune systems, and lessens complications from diarrhea.
4.It builds strong bones, helps transmit nerve messages and assists with muscle function and blood clotting.
5.It improves the nutritional quality of the food supply and provides a public health benefit with minimal risk to health.
Overall Verdict:
Flour fortification is a relatively inexpensive and highly effective way to reduce the high rate of child mortality and stunted growth in developing countries. This process is successful because it makes frequently eaten foods more nutritious without relying on consumers to change their habits.Most  of the countries   like Australia, New zealand  and few African countries  had  made  fortification mandatory  to tackle  malnutrition .

Bunfills From Cremica

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