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Seasoning Cube Manufacturing

Seasoning ( spices ) in cubes are prevalent in many countries , Seasoning   have distinct advantage of  savings on preparation time  for  household ,Various packaging  options such as   cubes /bars/sachets   makes  consumer  happy  in preparation of  food. Popular in European /Asean/ African  countries .
seasoning cube manufacturing
Popular  taste  available  are

Cubes  manufacturing stages  are  mentioned  below 

Pre mixing
Major  ingredients  for  seasoning  are   salt , sugar , starch , maltodextrin ,  veg spices powder , flavourss and colors . All  these items are  transferred  into   storage  silos   through pneumatic  conveying . Roots blower are used as  primary  equipment  for pneumatic  conveying . Other  ingredients are added manually into mixer .  Major  ingredient handling system manufacturer is Guerin system /Tetra Pack 

Mixing times vary from 30min to 45 min as per  recipe .  Horizontal mixers are widely used for large scale production .   Mixers have horizontal arms witth blades .

Seasoning batch  prepared  is then transferred into bucket conveyor s .These have long travelling time to  mature  seasoning  product . Maturation plays important role  for  product to be packed in cubes .  . Average  maturation time varies from 180 mins to 240 mins ,

Cube - Tablet making 
Seaoning powder after  maturation   are fed into  tablet making equipments  where   these powder  are compacted into  cubes  through  pistons . Major tablet making manufacturers are  Ramco Kilian / Bonal 

Packaging - 
High speed cube packing  machines are  used for  seasoning cube packaging . Speed varies from  800 ppm to 1000ppm . Packed into  cartons .

Popular hfw packing machines are   Theegarten-pactec. Senzani 

Cubes are then packed into cartons for  dispatches  to retailers . Other  popular  method of packing spices are  sachets/cartons  

Popular  international player into  seasoning cubes manufacturer are Nestle ,  Patisen 

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