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Laboratory Equipments For Your Bakery

Listed below  are  basic  laboratory  equipments  required in  bakeries -small/medium/large
Hot Air Oven for moisture determination
Oven for glassware drying
Muffle furnace
IR Moisture meter
Weighing scale -  Electrical or electronic type
Capacity of the weighing scale/least count in mg
pH meter
Melting point apparatus
Hot plate with magnetic stirrer for melting point determination
Refractometer (portable or table type)
Water bath and number of slots
Heating mantle
Bunsen Burners with gas connection
Dean & Stark apparatus set
Buchner funnel with flask for vacuum filtration
Suction pump for vacuum filtration
Distillation apparatus
Soxhlet set
Reflux condenser and number of condensers
SV flask with height measuring 180-185 mm from 0 ml at the bottom to 100 ml at the top
Sedimentation shaker
a) 50 ml with 0.1 ml Least Count
b) 25 ml with 0.1 ml least count
c) 10 ml with 0.05 ml least count
a) 1 ml graduated
b) 5 ml  graduated
c) 10 ml graduated
d) 10 ml
e) 25 ml
a) 0 - 50 with 0.1 deg C least count
b) 0-100 with 0.1 deg C least count
c) 0-100 with 1.0 deg C least count
d) 0 - 250 with 1 deg C least count
Silica crucibles (50 ml)
a) 50 ml
b) 100 ml
c) 250 ml
d) 500 ml
e) 1000 ml
Measuring Cylinders:
a) 10 ml
b) 25 ml
c) 50 ml
d) 100 ml
e) 250 ml
f)  500 ml
g) 1 litre
Standard volumetric flasks
a) 50 ml
b) 100 ml
c) 250 ml
d) 500 ml
Conical flasks
a) 250 ml
b) 500 ml
Iodine Flask with stopper
a) 250 ml
b) 500 ml
Kjeldal protein estimation set
SS dishes with lids for moisture determination
a) 6"
b) 12"
Glass rods
Glass tubes
Rubber tubing for water circulation
Capillary tubes 1 mm dia 4 inch long for melting point (both ends open)
Measuring scale 
Vernier calipers
Standard analytical weight box
Digital thermometers
Stop watch
a) less than 1.0
b) Greater than 1.0
Periodic Table
Mortar & Pestle
Burette stand
Pipette stand
Funnel stand
Test tube holders
Test tube stand
Round Bottom flask of 1 litre capacity and 500 ml capacity
Reagent bottles
Dropping bottles for indicators
Distilled water - wash bottles
Glass funnels
SS spatula
Leak tester
Compression strength tester
Bursting strength apparatus
Puncture resistant tester
Tear resistant apparatus
Template (10 cm x 10 cm) for grammage determination
Template (5 cm x 5 cm) for grammage determination
Standard Test sieves
Whatman 42 grade filter circles
German filter sheet
Indian filter sheer
Centrifuge basket 6000 rpm
Centrifuge disc type 1900 rpm for milk fat determination
Butyrometer for milk fat determination along with relevant pipette (10.75 ml) 
Tripod stand
Fire clay triangle
Wire gauze with asbestos circle at the centre
Magnifying glass
Refregirator - 165 l capacity
Magnetic rod (rare earth)
Paper cutting knife for grammage cutting
Laser Gun Thermometer
Chlorine content testing strips
Chopin Alveograph

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