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COVID -19- Impact On Bakeries

Covid -19   has  impacted   food  retail industry  including  bakeries in a major  way .Supplies were impacted  such as  Ingredients , Raw material and Packaging materials    Where in  most countries  factories and   shops  are  closed .Health experts have confirmed that coronavirus is not food borne and  it persist from several hours to days on surfaces . Thus  incurring 
extra cost on bakeries 

Workers  have moved out of bakeries  and have become jobless  , businesses have suffered due  to  loss   on account  of low sales or  closure .

Bakeries are  adopting   new strategies in post  Covid  period  with gradual  reopening  of  stores  with precautionary guidelines  such as 

1 . Majority  have   started home  deliveries 
2.  Social distancing in   cafe s  , where  customers  are asked to maintain   distance  while eating  or buying
3.  Seats and  floors are sanitized  in regular  intervals
4.  Personal hygiene  is   of utmost   critical   while  hand  sanitization has become norms 
5.  Online orders have been encouraged  
6.  Suppliers of  raw materials , Ingredients and Packing materials  have been  asked  to maintain the  same guidelines  
7.  Kitchen  or the production halls , utensils and machineries   are sanitized  on regular  intervals 
8.  Providing ingredients for people  experimenting  bakery recipe at home during lockdowns
9.  Production in shifts   to lower the  number of  workers 
10. Installation  of Hand free  sanitizers and dispensers 

Only  encouraging  signs for  bakeries  is that  being   an  essential  food  part   it has been allowed to operate longer hours. Governments and local  bodies  have allowed  bakery supplies  to have smooth operations in various countries .

Hope  these   tough times would end soon and we would have  normal   operations in 2-3 months 

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