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Top 10 Figures To Monitor Bakery Production Performance

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Every bakery plant owner or  plant head needs to monitor these top 10 figures to  monitor production performance  of the  plant . Few companies depute independent factory cost control department with main objectives to  tabulate these figures to management and  to   target improvement . If you can measures things then you can improve  performance .

1 .Cost per unit ($/unit) -
Takes into  consideration  cost  of all factors such as labour ,fuel, electricity , raw material , packaging and  other miscl cost 

Number of labour employed per unit of  product normally in tonnes or kg  of product. Important cost factor in production cost of any  factory 

3. Units produced/unit time 

total production done in unit time could be in kg/hr or tonnes/hr 

4. Break down time (%)
Production stoppages due to machine or equipment failure against available running hours . 

5.Change over time ( min/hrs )
 Time  taken for  changeover of product from one sku to another.  It requires change of  moulders/cutters, recipes  and  packing  machine  settings. Changeover  should be minimum as this  results in loss  of  energy ,power and  idle  labour.The  best option is  to have dedicated lines  with least changeovers

6.Waste (%)   
Process  generates  waste  in  bakery operations  and can  be  categorized as waste in  mixing/premixing/forming /baking/packing /transportation

7. Defectives (%)  
Defective are  generated on equipment's   such  as  oven and  packing  machines.  Could be wet defectives or dry defectives  need to be segregated and measured before  recycling or discarding it in waste . Better to keep logs of defective at each equipment  to monitor the largest source of defective generation 

 8.Fuel consumption ( litres of hsd/gas /unit) 
Consumption of fuel  to produce unit of product basically fuels consumed  in  ovens/ and  power generation

9.Electricity consumption (kwh/unit) 
It measures the  amount of electricity consumed while producing  bakery products  . It includes power to run production machinery , utilities and admin block power consumptions . Thus  few loads are  variable but few are constant such as Utilities ( Compressors , Etp , Cold rooms, Chillers , Borewell. Lighting   etc   and admin  )

10. Inventory turnover ( %)
Its measure the cost of goods sold over average cost of inventory held . A low inventory turnover can show that company  has  low sales  hence large inventory where as higher value of  Inventory turnover  njumber  would suggest  faster sales  and low inventory of finished good .

Normally   most of the  bakery  companies  have    daily / weekly / monthly  review  of these figures
( data )  and steps  to  increase productivity and lower cost of production .


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