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Introducing Bakerybazar.com – Your One-Stop Destination for Delectable Delights!

 Introducing Bakerybazar.com – Your One-Stop Destination for Delectable Delights!

We are thrilled to announce the grand entrance of Bakerybazar.com into the vibrant world of e-commerce! Dedicated to all things sweet and scrumptious, Bakerybazar.com is set to revolutionize your baking experience. Indulge in a delightful assortment of cakes, cookies, and local traditional sweets crafted with passion and expertise.

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From classic favorites to innovative creations, our collection showcases the finest ingredients and artisanal techniques, ensuring each bite is a delightful experience. With a commitment to quality, flavor, and customer satisfaction, Bakerybazar.com strives to become your trusted partner in all your baking adventures.

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Parle Enters Rusk Market - Challenges Britannia

Parle   has   now entered  lucrative  market of  rusk  ( toast ) which has been  dominated  by Britannia .  Uptill now Britannia   was only   branded  rusk  pan India  with  few local brands  competing  with it . Now that   Parle has entered the Rusk market  it would  be interesting to watch the price war and product launched in this

section of  bakery .

 Rusk  is popular  among  working  class  as  it substitute  for  quick  breakfast which can be savored  with  tea  or milk .  Its also popular among  elderly people as  tea time snack and family get together . Higher shelf life  also makes its a  essential bakery product for  house wives grocery purchase . Variety such as milk rusk , sooji rusk and  elaichi rusk  are  popular  among consumers .

 Rusk manufacturing  has  been traditionally  manufactured with  local bakeries with  conventional method of bakery but for  these  big manufacturers entry   the rusk manufacturing  is now  done  with  automated   plant  with capacities  running as high as  10- 15 ton /unit / day .

Indian manufacturers have  innovated  rusk manufacturing by  integrating   bread manufacturing  with  biscuit manufacturing  technology for  mass production . Rotary racks  ovens has been replaced with  high  speed  tunnel ovens for  higher production .Local  brands  would  have tough  competition  with these two giants  making branded  rusks  hitherto dominated  by local bakeries

Few  other  brands  which  have  significant presence  are   Bonn and Kitty 

Swiss Rolls By Monginis

Swiss  Rolls   which  were   launched  earlier  in 1990 s  and  were  not  so popular   has now being launched by big names in bakery industry . With  attractive packaging and  advent of new  indulgent middle income  group category  SWISS ROLLS  could be  money minting products for large scale manufacturers

Amul to expand its Cookies Business

 Amul Butter

Amul  India's largest  dairy  brand  with products like  milk , cheese , butter , icecreams and numerous other products   has now  decided  to explore  biscuit industry  in a big way .   What might  have prompted  the management of the  AMUL   should be  the  backward  integration available for  major ingredients of  bakery products as  milk , butter , smp and whey powder .Also  low gestation period  and  growth  in bakery demand  has prompted Amul to manufacture biscuits .It  has  selected  to  go for  the premium category of  cookies  .Amul  also wants  to leverage  its country wide  chain of distributors  managing   the retail sales of  its products .It  would  be interesting   to see  as  Amul converts its loyal consumers  to biscuits and cookies .

The pilot  projects   has been  installed and commissioned  in state  of Gujarat  with monthly  output of 20tons   , catering local  demand  from  Anand , Ahmedabad  and Vadodara. Varieties  launched are  cookies  are  coconut, multigrain , chocolate and butter .

Amul has test launched its  cookies in its  nearby towns   to gauge the market , taste and demands for such product  .They  are  not  is hurry  to go national  as it would try  get established locally.

Amul would  take  on well entrenched  players  in biscuit manufacturing  such as Britannia , Parle and ITC  and Mnc's like   United Biscuit , Kraft  and GSKB. Biscuit  market  is estimated to be  Rs 12000/-  crore

Source :ETdt 8Aug2013

Money Is In Rusk - Britannia

 Britannia Rusk  are  the only branded rusk available pan India . Eyeing a major opportunity in this segment  which  is largely unbranded Britannia has gone aggressively on marketing Rusk to the masses . With several variants  milk, sooji etc .As people shift  their preference from biscuits to other products  such as cookies  , biscuit companies are trying promoting premium biscuits and cookies .Rusk are popular among  elderly and working class as it supplements food  preferably as break fast  or evening hunger pang .

 A report

While recent statistics relate consumer spending to poverty status, the country's Rs 15,000-crore biscuits market is throwing light on yet another consumption story. Indians are spending as much on cookies as they are on biscuits that are staple fare, including Glucose, Marie and Milk. Both categories now command 24 per cent each of the consumer spend.

Premium Rusk from Britannia , rusk from britannia , britannia premium ruskIn the last two years, the biscuits segment, ruled by the Glucose biscuit, has been consistently losing market share to its more appealing cousin, the cookie, Ms Anuradha Narasimhan, Category Director, Health and Wellness, Britannia Industries Ltd, told Business Line.
Share dips

She said that the category's share has dipped from one-third of the market it commanded two years back, while the cookies' share has shot up from the 12 per cent it commanded two years back. “We realise that consumers are looking for food for pleasure but are not willing to give up on nutrition,” said Ms Narasimhan.

Thus, to keep consumer interests alive in the declining mass market biscuit segment, Britannia is re-launching its rusks range.


Top 14 Popular Bakery Products To Start Your Bakery Business With

Bakery products  which are now popular with consumers and much in demands and  with newer technologies and innovation,  new recipes and   packaging  for better shelf life  one could  start with  popular bakery product to launch bakery  business . Check competition  in the neighborhood ,find the local preference of the population  , plan your investment and take  the plunge in the world  of fascinating bakery products.Most popular bakery items are  now being  branded with innovative packaging  which were earlier  made in organised sector .

One can have  bakery business  in  form below mentioned business formats  and this  also answers  the question as to how to start a bakery business in india

Home made bakery items
Bakery  shop
Bakery Cafe
Central Kitchen Concept
Small/Medium/Big automated bakery plants

Bakery  products  can be categorised into following   types  

Dry   - Longer  shelf life  but lower margins like cookies , biscuits , rusk

Wet  - Lower shelf  life requires additional food safety  equipments  but with premium margins.  cakes , pies , bread , cup cakes ,pastry  etc
Frozen  -   For people  who would like to bake  as per their own timing and style

Most Popular  Bakery Items are

  1. Biscuits /Cookies
  2. Cakes
  3. Bread/Buns/Burgers/Rusk
  4. Wafer Biscuits
  5. Pizza
  6. Dough Nuts
  7. Bagels
  8. Waffles
  9. Muffins
  10. Cupcakes
  11. Pies
  12. Swiss rolls 
  13. Puff
  14. Pastries
 These  best selling bakery items can be produced and packed  to start  profitable bakery business

Lotte India Corporation To Produce Choco Pie In India

Choco Pie s have become popular among kids here in India . These are sourced from countries like Malaysia , Thailand , Singapore or Hongkong .

South Korean snacks manufacturer Lotte Confectionery has started to manufacture its Choco Pie biscuit brand at a newly-completed plant in Chennai, southern India. A Lotte spokesman said the company wanted to boost Indian production of Choco Pie, which, he claimed was popular locally, for its convenience.

Instead of having a big meal, several pieces of Choco Pies can make your stomach full, he said. Choco Pie will dominate production at the plant but the facility will produce other snacks and sweets later, the spokesman said. Operated by Lotte India Corp., also located in Chennai, the plant has a planned 6,000 tonnes annual capacity.

The plant costlotte group , chocopie , lotte india , lotte choco pie about US$70m to build and is currently focusing on the Indian market. However, in future, it could supply the Middle East and Africa, the spokesman added. Seoul-based Lotte Confectionery, a subsidiary of the Lotte Group, entered India through exports before acquiring Indian confectionery company Parrys in 2004. Through years of retailing businesses in India, we found out that the nation holds a market with huge potential to Lotte, the spokesman said.

Lotte India Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of South Korean multinational giant Lotte Confectionery Limited, on Wednesday inaugurated a new facility at Nemam village near here. The company has invested around $70 million (around Rs 322 crore) in the facility.

Lotte groups vice chairman Dong Bin Shin said that the new plant has a capacity of 1.8 lakh cartons of Lotte chocopie which would be exported to Middle East and African nations, besides catering to the domestic market. The plant was manufacturing candies and currently has a market share of around 10 percent in the country and 20 percent in the southern states. This facility will enable the company to capture five per cent of market share in biscuits by next year, said Shin.

Major competition for choco pie would come from  Malaysian brand from Cocoaland Industry SDN and Orion

Major  South  East  Asian  Bakery  Manufacturers

Biscuits / Cookies Preferred over other bakery products-Poll survey

A recent survey conducted by bakerybazar blog shows cookies and biscuit as most preferred bakery product than any other . Cookie and biscuit polled around 50% of votes where as cakes , pastry , donuts and pizza were ranked lower in preference . They polled 16% each .

Harvest Gold -Success story retold

It  all began  1993  In capital  city  of  Delhi  . A brand  called  Harvest Gold  was created  with  objective  to provide  quality  bread  to  consumers . Earlier  we had monopoly of two bread manufacturers  Britannia  and Modern . Demand was high  and  supply  short   hence  what ever was produced was bought without  any choice .Bread  where  sold in wax  papers .People used  to  stand in line for hours  for  delivery vans to get  their loaves  such was the  dominance  of  Britannia  and Modern  breads.Other  competitors  like Bakeman  and Tazza Bread  were non -existent .

The team of  Adil  Hassan  and Taab Siddiqui   then  commissioned  their plant at Bhiwadi  in Year 1993  with  the name  of  Harvest gold foods  India pvt ltd. The product  was instant  hit . This was a case  where  a local player  has  taken on  Big brand  and  was leader  in the market  within span of one - two  year of  launch .

What  differentiated  Harvest  gold from other  brands  was

1. Quality  of Bread  : All varieties  from 400gm  to 800gm pack  had uniform ,well sliced  bread neatly packed in  transparent packaging .With  new baking  technology  they  produced  better and uniformed  baked breads .

2. Packaging : Harvest  gold  pioneered   transparent  packaging  where consumer can  have a look  on product quality  without  opening  the pack . Where as  competitors where  using wax paper  for packaging .

3.  Advertising : Harvest  gold  experimented with English plus punjabi  slang for  its  advertising  which made  connection with  common man .

4. Transportation  and Distribution channels  where  such that  bread  where  delivered  on time and without much damage to product . Plastic trays where introduced  to carry breads instead of  metallic  crates .

Who says  that you cannot beat  the  big players  . Harvest  gold has shown the world  that  it can be done . Today  they  cater  for  65% of  NCR  market .

HO Address:

Company Name : Harvest Gold Foods India Pvt Ltd

Address : RZ- 167/1, Road No. 4, Block-A, Mahipalpur Ext.

Level of Office : Head Office

Phone No : (11) 26784573 26784572

SWISS ROLLS - product review

Swiss rolls have huge popularity in western worlds . You look at any shop or supermarkets shelf are filled with various kind of Swiss roll with different flavours chocolate , milk , orange , vanilla and strawberry .
To produce Swiss roll in volumes you require a plant similar to biscuit plants .with accessories to fill in cream , jam or jelly in the rolls . Mixing is done to produce batter which is then passed on to baking oven which bakes the sheet which is then allowed to cool and jams are spread over to the sheet .With rolling and cutting the sheets are rolled over to form rolls which are then fed into flow wrap machines with the trays or without trays for packing .
Major Ingredients for batter of swiss rolls are flour , sugar , egg , water , flavour , baking powder ,essence , perservatives ,colors

Britannia did tried to produce these Swiss roll but failed to market it . several local bakeries are producing it but within local markets .
Now with change in market bakery product manufacturers can try out Swiss rolls which are popular in rest of the world .
Problems with Swiss roll are
Sweetness which doesn't go well with Indian consumers
Shorter shelf life
Refrigerated logistics and storage
Costly equipments
Hygienic conditions
Consumer awareness of such products

Hope to find Swiss rolls in Indian market soon .

Bakery retail chains in India

Retail chains are fast gaining popularity in upscale markets in India .These are speciality product chain and offers quality premium products .This has been very popular abroad ,until now people have been going to restaurant or coffee houses . Retail chains have mushroomed all over metros where you can see people spending lavishly on bakery products . Rise in disposable income ,change in eating habits ,people preference for ambiance and service have contributed towards this trend . Even coffee houses are now supplementing there stores with bakery products .Most popular products are cakes , sandwiches , pastries ,puffs ,pizzas ,croissant .They also provide home delivery and take home packing's .

Concepts of retail bakery is that the chain has a central kitchen which produces all these products and then from these kitchens products are moved out to retail shops on regular intervals .Few malls and supermarkets have put bakery products on their food courts .

To name few bakery chains across country

Bisk Farm
Bread Talk
Hot Bread
Cookie Man
Birdy s
Cafe Coffee Day
Donut baker
Donut Master
Kookie Jar
Bagels and Brownies
Bread & More
Dunkin Donuts
Krispy Kreme

and many more

So enjoy your visit to these retail bakery chain

What is zero trans fat

Fat is major Ingredient of any bakery product after flour and sugar . Fat is considered to result any many diseases and main factor for obesity.
Bakery product manufacturer has started labeling as zero trans fat product . This is due to heighten consumer awareness and other international brands like Mcvities and other declaring there product as zero trans fat .Any serving have less than 0.5grams of trans fat and it doesn't mean that it has zero fat .
Trans fat (also known as trans fatty acids) is formed when liquid vegetable oils go through the chemical process of hydrogenation to make the oils more solid. This gives food a longer shelf-life and can improve taste, shape and texture. Some trans fat also is found naturally in small amounts in certain meat and dairy products.

Partial hydrogenation, the process used to increase shelf-life of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) / vegetable oils creates trans fatty acids. Many studies have demonstrated that trans fatty acids increase the clot forming tendency much more than saturated fats, by not only increasing LDL cholesterol to similar levels but also by decreasing the high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, (which is the good cholesterol). Several studies have found that intake of non natural trans fatty acids increases the risk of coronary heart disease Most trans fatty acids are contributed by industrially hardened oils. Even though trans fatty acids have been reduced or eliminated from retail fats and spreads in many parts of the world, generally available deep-fried foods and baked goods are a major and increasing source.
These are then substituted by Palm oil , Palmolien , Fully hydrogenated vegetable oil

Regional bakery brands

Apart from the BIG 3 of Indian bakery industry , few regional players have made a mark in their respective zone .Few names which I can highlight are
  • RAJA
  • BONN

Major Brands of biscuit

Please add brand which I might have missed out

BRITANNIA our own multinational food company

Whenever we go to supermarket to do our monthly grocery shopping we have always seen products stacked are either imported from other countries or manufacturing out sourced here in India . Let it be Pepsi , Coke ,Unilever, Kellogs , Horlics, Cadbury , Nestle --- etc . I was always wondering whether there could be an Indian food company which can match these multinational .With recent takeover s by Lakshmi mittal , Tatas , Birlas , Ranbaxy ,Infosys , Tcs , Videocon we hoped that this will also happen in food industry . Its not that we don't have companies which have potential to become one but I think sheer magnitude of acquiring and competing in foreign land have deterred our companies . To name few
ITC , Parle , Britannia , Amul ,HaldiRam , Dabur --- many more

Britannia 's acquisition of two companies in middle east namely Strategic food international co llc, Dubai ,UAE and Al sallan food Industries ,Sohar ,Oman and recent collaboration with srilankan company has at least taken a lead in food companies to acquire a MNC status, which would give other players a good competition in foreign market .

Britannia with product basket of numerous biscuit and cookies has potential to become a major player in international market .With skilled manpower and R&D in place it can look beyond our shore to compete internationally

Why MNC have failed in Indian Bakery Industry

Indian bakery today stands for Rs 6000 Crore Industry . Since opening of our markets for Overseas companies Bakery Industry is the Industry which these Multinationals have not able to crack where as in other industries they have remarkable presence like Pepsi , Coke , Unilever , Samsung , LG , Panasonic , Nike , Adidas , Citi , Hsbc , Procter and Gamble ,Colgate List goes on ---- . Companies like Excelsia , Unilever , Kellogg's ,Kraft ,United Biscuits ,Ceylon Biscuits , Unibic are either launched / trying to launch their products/ or have very negligible presence .

The reasons which can be attributed to failure of MNC in bakery Industries can be attributed to .

1. Jv These companies have tried to enter Indian market through partners .

2. Indian Competition was stiff from very much entrenched players like Britannia and Parle

3. Pricing done by these companies was on the on the premium side hence didn't get mass market slice .

4. Recipes which were not palatable to Indian tastes . Even Macdonalds and KFC have got Indian variants.

What makes bakery product popular

bakery product are becoming more popular now days because of varieties available due to technological advancement and packaging certain categories of bakery product has distinct advantage of shelf life , it has been found that baked goods have shelf life of minimum of six months .
Long Shelf of bakery product like biscuits and cookies had made them popular to armed forces /sailors in earlier days .

Other advantages are that it can be fortified and other ingredients can be topped or mixed it with it . Cakes and breads can easily be prepared in homes in micro oven . The basic raw material the flour is easily available in grocery also the other products like sugar , salts ,baking soda etc .

Bakery products are all weather , all gender , all classes and any time snacks .
Thus its makes them best food category in entire range

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