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Career options in Bakery

With ever increasing demand for bakery products , speciality products . Burgeoning bakery chains , live bakeries ,hotels and restraunts , demand for bakery professionals have increased many folds

With traditional functions required to run a bakery business still present like
Sales and marketing
Human Resources
Stores or Warehouse
Production Planning

Following are the Skilled roles for bakery

Bakers ( Operators /Chefs)
In earlier days bakers used get trained under senior or experienced bakers .They used to get expertise through years of trials and errors . At present any one can get the skills and theoretical knowledge through Culinary ,hotel and catering schools or Specifically Bakery schools . It could be six month or two year course . Baker has a prime role in a small , retail , hotel or restruant type of bakery as he control s process from mixing to baking . Prime role of baker can be identified as .
Checking the right ingredients or raw material for the desired recipe .
Knowledge of roles and properties of ingredient added
Quality of the ingredients added
Get the quantities right as per the recipe of the product
Mixing Properties of the dough
Dough Consistency
Trouble shooting in case mixing is not proper
Check sanitation and hygiene requirement at working area
Record process parameters and other documents
Highlight safety or hygiene issues to the manager or supervisior

Food technologist
Role for foodd technologist are multi task . Most important is
Quality Control and Inspection
Product development
Reaserch and Development
Production supervsion

Engineers are required for maintenance , new technology for process and Break down trouble shooting. Specifically for material handling equipments , Oven , Packing machines. Due to automation done in almost all bakery plants Instrumentation has gained importance .

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