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Packaging ideas for bakery products

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We would concentrate on types of packaging used to attract consumers or through creative packaging to enhances sales and product s uniqueness from competitors . These includes  biscuit packaging ideas and  cake packaging idea

Flexible packaging ( laminates ,wrappers )
These are the most common method of packaging material used to pack bakery products today . We can recollect that biscuits used to be packed in wax papers.Mainly biscuits and sliced cakes . We can find zig zag fisssures at the end of the packs which helps consumer to tear the pack .Earlier we use to get plain ends where we had to struggle to open the pack . Few manufacturers are providing tear tape at the top of packing which opens like a thread and helps consumer to open a pack to required packet length .Either we find slug packs or Family packs . Good Day , Marie gold , Krack Jack, Parle G

Plain cardboard Boxes
These are used by many manufactures to pack biscuit to differentiate it s product from competitors . These normal paper boxes which are slightly thicker .

Display Boxes
After primary packing done by flexible wrappers these packets are arranged in display boxes manually and then these boxes are shrink wrapped .Consumers can see the products through these transparent films .

Vertical Pouches or Sachet
These have also been experimented by many bakery manufacturers mainly biscuits ,snacky biscuits . Britannia s Little Heart and now Frito Lays Aliva

Tins or Metallic Boxes

These are still popular in masses as it was in earlier days . These can be found for cookies packing which very soft to handle . Hence majority of cookies are packed in Tins . Danish Cookies and Britannia s Pure Magic cookies

Pvc Trays .
Soft cookies or cakes are arranged in these trays to prevent from any damage at with ease to handle and store .Britannia Good day choco chips are packed in pvc trays

Poly bags

Breads are packed in these types of poly bags which are tied through twist n tie bands or stickers .Normal flow wrap packaging is done for Majority of white bread available in market .
Breads by Harvest Gold .

Shrink Wrapped and Over wrapped boxes and trays
Shrink wrapping is done on boxes to give a attractive look to consumers with additional safety to the products . Display boxes can also be shrink wrapped .

Paper Bags

Bread  are normally packed  in poly  bags but for  few artisan bakeries customer prefer more environmental friendly  paper bags . These paper bags could be  plain or can have printed material  on them .Paper normally are used for baguette and convenient in carrying such product .

Zip Pouches

These are  introduced  with  resealable  pouches meant for products  to be carried over to a  distance or to be kept for longer period . These pouches have zip integrated in the pouches so as to open and close it when ever required thus keeping the product crispy and prevents moisture to enter the bag .

Cake Boxes

Cake boxes  have been  used  for   packing Cakes , Pies  and Swiss rolls  etc  ,these are aPET  transparent  with hinged cover and base . Consumer can see the products  through transparent cover 

Tube Packaging

Cylindrical  Tubes of  different height s are used  for  packaging   bakery products  such as cookies , biscuits

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